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You can use AccuSQLAccuTrack to track your tutor work hours. Tutor sign-ins are saved in their own table and are reported separately. To track tutor work hours, first enter the tutor info in the Tutor screen. When a tutor signs in: The Tutor Pad will appear: <note>The Tutor Pad can be configured to either require an ID and password for tutor logins, or require an ID only. These settings are discussed in the Tutor Pad options, found later in this document.</note> The Tutor Pad has the following buttons: * Admin: If the admin gives the tutor access to the administration screen, this button will be enabled. Clicking on it will take the tutor to the System Administration screen. Note: The options available for tutors to access in Admin is set in the System Access » System Access Groups screen. Select the Tutors group and then select Edit to modify those settings. * Session Log: Launches the Session Log screen where tutors can enter notes for any sessions they have had with students and/or fill out the Session Questionnaire. * Class Sign-in: Starts a class sign-in session. Details below. * Reports: Allows tutor to generate reports as determined by the. Reports Access for the Tutors access group. * Generic Viewer: Launches a generic appointment viewer. * Monthly Viewer: Launches a monthly appointment viewer. * Weekly Viewer: Launches a weekly appointment viewer. * Daily Viewer: Launches a daily appointment viewer. * Log in as Staff: Sign in as a tutor. You have the option to either have the tutors sign in and record their work period, or you can setup Tutor Visits Tracking » Tasks to create categories and then tasks under them that that tutors can select from at sign-in. * Log in as Student: Sign in as a student to use the center’s services. Note: You can add tutors and students in AccuSQLAccuTrack using the same ID. This is the only condition where any users can have the same ID entered in the system.

  • Schedule: Displays tutor’s schedule and allows tutor to create their own regular (semester) or custom schedules.
  • Students in Line: If Intake System is turned on and admin allows it, tutors can see the students waiting to see them and then sign the students in.
  • Seminar Sign in: If any seminars are available (i.e. are set to start in the next 30 minutes), click this button to select the seminar and then students can sign into it so you can collect attendance. Details below.
  • Launch AccuBuzz: Allows tutors to receive alerts at their computers when a student signs in to see them or is placed in the Intake System. The alerts appear as pop-up boxes from their windows taskbar. Note: the AccuBuzz program runs external to AccuSQLAccuTrack. * Change Password: Allows the tutor to change his or her password. * Exit: Close the Tutor Control Pad. ===== CLASS SIGN-IN ===== If you have a large group of students signing in to the same activity and working with the same tutor, you can use the class sign-in mode to quickly sign these students in. This is useful, for example, for signing students into SI (Supplemental Instruction) classes. To start a Class Sign-in session, the tutor needs to click on the Class Sign-in button: AccuSQLAccuTrack will display a list of the activities the tutor is associated with:

The tutor can then select the activity he/she wants to mass students to by double clicking on it. The message on top of the ID Entry box will change to indicate the mass sign-in mode. The mass sign-in class and tutor’s name will appear in the message:

AccuSQLAccuTrack will sign the tutor in. Students can now sign in by simply entering their ID number. The class and tutor are automatically selected. To end class sign-in, click on the “End Class Sign in” button. <note>Only students who are already in the AccuSQLAccuTrack database can sign in while in class sign-in mode. New students are not allowed while in this mode.</note>


When the tutor who activated a class sign-in session signs out, AccuSQLAccuTrack will display this box: The tutor can keep the default session end-time, which defaults to one hour, or he/she can adjust it and click “Done”. AccuSQLAccuTrack will sign the tutor out and will also sign out all the students of the class sign-in session.

You can password protect the End Class Sign in Option in the Users » Setup » Student and Tutor Pad Options screen.


When you create Seminars in AccuSQLAccuTrack, there are settings for the date and time when the seminar starts and when it ends. Using those settings, a tutor can initiate the Seminar Sign in for the seminar. 30 minutes before the seminar is set to being, it will automatically be available in the Seminar Sign-in Pick list. To initiate the Seminar sign in, login as a tutor and then select the Seminar Sign In button from the Tutor Pad: Any seminars that will be starting within a 30 minute window will be available from the pick list. Select the seminar students will be signing into and click OK. You will be returned back to the Main Sign in Screen with that seminar selected. Students can then sign into the seminar by entering their IDs. If the student tries to sign in and is not registered for the seminar, they will get a message indicating they cannot sign in. <note tip>Since the AccuSQLAccuTrack station will be locked down while the seminar sign-in process is active, if you need to register a student for the seminar “on the fly” so they have the capacity to sign-in, you can open a second AccuSQL or AccuTrack, login as an admin and then go to Seminars » Seminar Status to register the student.</note>

Video Learning Series: Setting up for and initiating a Seminar Sign-in

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