When you click on Tutoring Requests from the Main Menu, you will see the following options:

  • Tutoring Requests: Use to track service requests and assignments.


Purpose: Used to track requests for Services at the Center and assignment of these requests to individual Tutors.
Access: From System Administration, click on Tutoring Requests > Tutoring Requests.

If your center requires requests for tutoring and tracks these requests, you can use this screen to record the tutoring requests and assignments. Using Tutoring Requests, the student can select their preferred tutor for the session, but it is ultimately up to the person(s) controlling the Tutoring Requests to assign the tutor for the session.

Once a request has been assigned (thus approved) by the staff member(s) via the Tutoring Requests screen, then the student will be able to schedule the appointment for the date/time indicated.

Using Tutoring Requests gives you ultimate control over student appointments, however, it has some limitations. The student is required to use some means of communication (email/phone/web form) to contact you to request the appointment (outside of AccuSQL/AccuTrack) and then that information is entered into the Tutoring Requests screen in AccuSQL/AccuTrack. Once that is done, the tutoring request also needs to be approved in AccuSQL/AccuTrack, also using the Tutoring Requests screen. Only then will the student have the capacity to make an appointment for the date/time specified via AccuSQL/AccuTrack, or Web Gateway.

Tutoring requests are either enabled or disabled globally via the Set Appointment > Setup > Restrictions Options. If enabled, then all appointments for students must be assigned via the Tutoring Requests screen. You cannot have some students that are approved via Tutoring Requests to make appointments and some that are not.

Entering a Request

  1. Click on the Add button.
  2. Enter the Tutoring Requests date and time. This field is automatically filled with the current date and time, but you can enter change that to whatever date and time you wish.
  3. Select the student: You must select the student that made the tutoring request. Click the ellipses button to see a list of students and select one.
  4. Select the Activity (class): You must select the Activity or class the student requested. Click the ellipses button to see a list of activities (classes) and select one.
  5. (Optional) Select the student’s preferred tutor: To indicate the requested tutor, click the ellipses button to see a list of tutors for the selected class and then select one.
  6. (Optional) Enter the preferred meeting times.
  7. Click Save to record the new request.

Entering Assignments

You can also register the tutoring assignments in the Tutoring Requests screen by following these steps:

  1. Select the Tutoring Request from the list at the top of the screen and click the Edit button.
  2. Enter the date that you are making the Tutoring Assignment.
  3. Select the assigned Tutor.
  4. (Optional) Enter comments on the assignment in the Notes box.
  5. Click the Save button.
To only show requests with no assignment, click the “Show only those with no assignment” checkbox.