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If you click Tutors Visit Tracking in from the main System Administration screen, then select Setup, you will be presented with a Control Panel Options view that shows context specific options for your Tutor Visits Tracking Setup screens.

Below are the Control Panel options for Tutor Visit Tracking Setup Options in Setup.

Tutor Sign-in Options

Used to configure specific rules that control how tutors sign into AccuSQLAccuTrack. * Use a tutor maximum sign-in period of X hours: Use this option to enter the maximum sign-in period for tutors. Next, use the radio buttons to determine what happens when this maximum sign-in period is exceeded: * Sign tutor with X hour period: Choose this option if you want tutors who exceed the maximum sign-in period to get signed out with the X sign-in period. Set X to whatever you like using the X = spinner box. * Ask tutor how long he stayed at the next visit: Choose this option to have AccuSQLAccuTrack ask the tutor at the next visit to enter the sign-in period for the previous visit in which the maximum sign-in period was exceeded.

  • Lock tutor out and only allow admin to sign him in: Choose this option for maximum control over the accuracy of the sign-in records. With this option selected, when a tutor exceeds the maximum sign-in period AccuSQLAccuTrack will lock the tutor out. To unlock the tutor’s record, the tutor must be signed out via the System Administration > Edit Sign-in Logs > Tutors > Sign out screen. * Display the Tasks screen when tutor sign in: Check this box if you want to track what tutors do with their work time. If you only want to track the sign-in and sign-out times, uncheck this box. <note>If you use this option, make sure to enter the staff Tasks via the Tutor Visits Tracking » Tasks screen.</note> * Tutor schedule start increment: Use the drop-down box to select the increment of the list box used to enter the tutor’s schedule. For example, if you use “30”, then the tutor’s schedule can start and end at 8:00, 8:30, 9:00, and so on. ===== Tutor Pay Options ===== Use this box to determine the rounding rules when calculating the tutor’s pay. * Type of rounding used in calculating pay: Rounding is applied to each session and not to the accumulated time. X will be ignored using this option. * Real-time (no rounding): Select the first option if you do not want to do any rounding. * Round UP to nearest X minute: Select the second option if you want to round the time up (e.g. if X=15, 47 minutes are counted as one hour for pay purposes). * Round UP or DOWN to the nearest X minute: Select the third option if you want to round up or down to the nearest X minutes (e.g. if X=15, 47 minutes are counted as 45 minutes, while 53 minutes are counted as 60 minutes). Video Learning Series: Setting Up and Using Tutor Sign Ins**

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