Module: System Administration

Purpose: To setup the software configuration settings, add data, and generate reports.

Access: From the Main Sign-in screen, enter the System Administration ID and password.

The System Administration screen provides access to setting up the software and generating reports. To access the System Administration screen, you need to enter the administrator ID and password. For new installations, the ID is “111111111” and the password is “NEW” (all upper case): Enter the ID and press the Enter key on the keyboard. Now enter the password and press the Enter key on the keyboard. If you enter the correct ID and password, you will see the System Administration screen.


The System Administration screen contains several elements. Please review the following screen to see how these elements are organized.

The left side of the System Administration screen contains the main menu options you will be accessing in AccuSQLAccuTrack. If you click on an Option in the Main Menu, then the items associated with that item will appear in the Display Page. For example, if you clicked on View Appointments, then the items associated with viewing appointments will appear in the Display Page area. Since the View Appointments option was selected in the Main Menu, if you click the Report link (bottom right of screen) you will be accessing the available Appointments Reports available in AccuSQLAccuTrack.

Same with the Reports Center button.

If you click the Setup link (bottom right of screen) you will see the various Control Panel options related to Appointments.

Each of Main Menu options behave in the same way. So for example, if you click Users (yours may be called Students, but is it the top left option in the Main Menu), you will see the setup screens for Users (students, tutors, instructors, etc.). If you click Reports, you will see all reports related to Users and if you click Setup, you will see the Control Panel options for Users.

Depending on your access level, some of the options on this screen may not be available to you. The options available for access levels are setup using Access Groups.


You can reset the order of your Main Menu options and also change the labels for what those menus display. To do so, click Customize Menu from the System Administration screen.

To change the order of an item, click on it in the list on the left, then you can hold the left mouse button and drag the item either up or down to its new position. After you are done, click the Save Order button to save your changes. Also, you can click Reset Order to put the list items back to their original order.

In the following example, the View Appointments and Set Appointments options have been moved to the top position in the list.

After clicking Save Order, and then Exit, the changes will be reflected in the Main Menu display.

In the Customize menu screen, you also have the option to change the menu labels and also to hide the menu options that you will not use. To change a label, click on it in the list on the left, then click the Edit button. In the following example, the label Seminars has been changed to Workshops.

After you have changed the label, click Save and then Exit. Your changes will be reflected in the Main Menu options.

To hide a menu option, click on it in the Customize Menu screen, then click Edit. You can then uncheck the Visible checkbox to hide the menu item. After you are done, press Save and Exit and your changes will be reflected in the Main Menu.

If you want to reset the menu to its original settings, click the Reset Menu Items to Default button.