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If you click Student Visit Tracking in Setup from the main System Administration screen, then select Setup, you will be presented with a Control Panel Options view that shows context-specific options for your Student Visit Tracking Setup screens. Here are the Control Panel options for Visit Tracking Module Options in Setup:

  • Visit Tracking Module Options – Used to configure specific rules that control how students sign into AccuSQLAccuTrack. Ask students how long they intend to stay: If this option is checked, AccuSQLAccuTrack will ask students how long they intend to stay when they sign in. This is useful if you don’t want your students to sign out but would like them to select their sign-in period upfront. By default, students will be signed in and signed out with the total period equal to what they select for their intended visit period.

Limit the daily visits of each student to a maximum of: Check this box to set the maximum number of sign-ins any student can make in a day. If checked, then set the maximum number using the spinner box.

Enable Guest Account: Check this box if you want to enable guests (not entered in AccuSQLAccuTrack as students, tutors, or admins) to sign in. Checking this box will add a Guest Sign-in button to the main sign-in screen. When guests sign in, they will be available on reports all grouped under the name “AccuSQLAccuTrack Guest”. Also if you enable guest sign-ins and are using the Intake Systems, guests will be asked to enter their name so you will know who to call when they are ready to be signed in. Guest Entry is password protected: If you enable guest sign-ins, you can require the guests to enter a password to access the sign-in options. That password is entered here and is case sensitive.

Picture Confirmation Box: Students need picture confirmation to sign in: check this box if you want to display the student’s picture at sign in. Tutors signing in as students need picture confirmation: check this box if you want to show tutor’s pictures too when these tutors sign in as students.

Delete the original picture file after acquiring image: Check to delete the original file after copying it. Messages: Inactive student sign-in: type in the message you want to appear when inactive students attempt to sign in.

Class Time Scheduling: If you have set class schedules for classes using the System Administration » Sign-in Setup » Categories & Activities » Activity Schedules option (or better yet, imported the class schedules), select the Do not allow students to sign in during their activity time checkbox to disable the students’ ability to sign into AccuSQLAccuTrack during their scheduled class times. If you check the box, then you can enter the custom message that you want to display when students attempt to sign in under these conditions. <<ClassName>> is a merge field and should be kept intact if you want to display the class the student is scheduled for in the pop-up message. <note>“Do not allow students to sign in during their class time” is used in conjunction with the activity schedules and also with the Sign-in Setup » Registration options. You must have both of these items set up in AccuSQLAccuTrack for this option to work properly. </note>