When you click on Program Assessment from the Main Menu, you will see the following options:

  • Program Assessment: Use to enter notes and answer a questionnaire about sessions with students.
  • GPA Definitions: Use to set up the session questionnaire that is presented to tutors to answer questions about their sessions with students.

The following sections have more information on the above screens.


Purpose: To enter or view assessment indicators that will be used in generating program assessment reports.
Access: From System Administration, click on Program Assessment > Program Assessment.

Use the Program Assessment module to evaluate your program’s success. AccuSQL/AccuTrack makes the evaluation by comparing grades before and after using your tutoring program. “Grades” used in this evaluation can be obtained from different sources:

  1. Actual testing of students
  2. Using an existing test score from instructors or from standard tests.
  3. Asking students a question such as “What grade do you expect to receive in this course.”

Here is how it works:

  1. Enter the grades of the students before they start using the center (e.g. at the beginning of the semester). We will refer to these grades as entry grades.
  2. Enter the grades of the students after using the center (e.g. at the end of the semester). We will refer to these grades as final grades.
  3. Run the assessment report from the Reports screen to examine the assessment results.


Here is how to use this screen for entering grades:

  1. Select the Category and then the class from the “Activity” drop-down menu. AccuSQL/AccuTrack will show you the students registered in the selected class. If you like, you can see all students by clearing the “Show registered users only” box.
  2. Next, select whether you are inputting the entry grade or the final grade. AccuSQL/AccuTrack will display students whose grades have not been entered in the selection list boxes.
  3. Select all the students who received the same grade by moving their names to the “Selected” list box. For example, select all the students who received “B” entry grade and move their names to the Selected list box. Grouping them in this manner makes the process for entering grades manually go much faster.
  4. Select the grade from the Grade drop-down box.
  5. Click on “Save” to record the grades.

Repeat the above procedure for entering both grades (entry and final) for all the students.

Check the “only show students without grades” box if you only want to see names of students whose grades have not been entered. Uncheck the Show registered students only box if you want to see all students whether or not they are registered for the selected class.

Additionally, If you have the grades in electronic format, you can import them using the AccuSQL/AccuTrack Import Wizard.

To correct a grade, clear the “Only show students without grades” box, select the student and re-enter the grade. The new grade will replace the older one.


To view entered grades for a class, first select the class then click on the “Show Entered Grades” button.

AccuSQL/AccuTrack will display the entered grades:

The screen shows the dates when the grades were entered, and the change from entry grade to the final grade (green up arrow if grade went up, red down arrow if grade went down and gray circle if grade was unchanged).

Once you have entered all the grades in the system, you can run the Program Assessment reports.

Instead of entering the grades manually, you can also import them using the “Grades Table” import.


Purpose: Change the student’s GPA definitions for program assessment grades.
Access: From System Administration, click on Program Assessment > GPA Definitions.

The GPA Definitions are prefilled for you and should typically be left alone since they are used programmatically to generate different reports and report pivot tables.

Since all options are set up in the Program Assessment screen itself, Program Assessment does not contain Setup options.