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Purpose: This helps configure the default Media Checkout rules and options.
Access: To get to the Media Checkout Setup options, click Media Check-out in System Administration, then the Setup button in the lower-right corner of that screen.

Use this screen to set up options for media checkouts. AccuSQL/AccuTrack uses the selections here in calculating the default media due-back time.

Allow Saturday and/or Allow Sunday check-in: Start by telling AccuSQL/AccuTrack whether you're open on weekends. If you're open Saturdays, check the Saturday checkbox, and if you're open Sundays, check the Sunday checkbox. If the checkbox is unchecked and the due-back date happens to be on that day, AccuSQL/AccuTrack will skip it and use the next business day instead of for the return date.

Media must be returned by X AM/PM: You can also specify a time that the media needs to be returned. This is usually your closing time or just before that. For example, if you want all media back by 7:00 PM, enter the time in the text box and select PM.

Media default checkout period X Hour, Day, Week: The last text box allows you to enter the default media checkout period for all media items. This can be in hours, days, or weeks.

Turn off pop up that asks you if you would like to print a slip when you check out an item: Checking this option will turn off the pop up asking if you would like to print a slip when checking out an item.

All media must be returned by X: This allows you to set a default date by which all media must be returned.

If you use the “Hour” selection, AccuSQL/AccuTrack assumes the media must be returned the same day and will use the shorter of the closing time or media checkout period when calculating due-time. For example, if you select 2 Hours as the checkout period and 7:00 PM as the media-return time and a student checks out the media at 6:00 PM, AccuSQL/AccuTrack will show 7:00 PM as the media due-back time.

AccuSQL/AccuTrack will use this time as the due time for all media unless you define a default per media type checkout time or a per media item checkout time in the Media Stock screen.

The default due back time you define here applies only if there is no default per-media-type time or a default per media item defined.
The calculated due-back time is shown in the media checkout screen and can be over-written by the user.