When you click on Communications from the Main Menu, you will see the following options:

  • Messaging Center: Use to enter send messages to students, and/or using various delivery methods.
  • Student Contacts: A quick method for entering notes for students.


Purpose: Leave messages for students and/or tutors.
Access: From System Administration, click on Communications > Messaging Center.

In the top left Recipients section of the screen, they are several selection control filters. By default, the Students and Tutors checkboxes are selected. If you leave these boxes checked and then click the Apply Filter button, every student and tutor in the database would be selected in the Recipients box. You want to be careful with this one!

If you click on either the Students or Tutors checkboxes, you can click the Select buttons to select specific students and/or tutors as recipients. Simply select the ones you want, then click Close in the pop-up filter box, then click Apply Filter. The students and/or tutors you selected will be added entered into the Recipients list.

You can select recipients who are registered for a particular class or classes using the Activities filter. You can also filter on any Student Groups you have added, and/or any sports you have defined that have students assigned to them.

Remember you can combine filters too. For example, you could send a message to students who are registered for a particular set of classes who are in an At Risk Student Group and are on your Tennis team.

Based on your filters, after you click Apply Filter, the list box on the right, labeled “Recipients” shows users you select to receive your message. The users are all selected automatically in the Recipients list, but if you want you can deselect particular students or tutors directly in the list before you send the message.

Sending Messages

AccuSQL/AccuTrack can send the messages via the software itself, via Email, both AccuSQL/AccuTrack and Email, or Text Messaging. Send the message by checking the appropriate radio button. If you are sending a text message, you can include students who have “do not send text messages” selected on their student record by clicking the “If sending Text Messages, include those who opted not to receive” checkbox.

Now enter the subject of the message. Also, enter the name of the sender. These fields are specifically helpful if you send the message via email. Type your message in the Message box.

For text messaging, only use the Message field is used. You need not enter a Subject or Sender.

If you are sending the message via AccuSQL/AccuTrack, use the date box under the Message edit box to enter the expiration date of the message. The default is one week from the date that your message is entered. If the recipient still did not read your message by the expiration date, the message will be deleted automatically. This function is useful for removing messages that are no longer relevant after a certain date.

When you are ready to send the message, click on the “Send” button. If you selected more than one recipient, you will see a confirmation message:

Click on “Yes” to send the message. You will see a confirmation:

You can enable the Messaging Center for students too by enabling the Messaging Center button on the main sign-in screen. Students, however, will not have access to text messaging and you can further set a restriction where students can message tutors only and not other students.

Receiving Messages

If you chose to send the message via AccuSQL/AccuTrack, when the recipient of the message signs in or out, the message delivery box will appear:

The “You have mail” screen lists all the messages you have received, the date and time the message was sent, the subject of the message, and its sender. When you select one of the messages in this list, the message box will show the message itself.

The user has the option of deleting this message or keeping as a reminder at the next sign-in or sign-out time.

If you chose Email as the delivery method, it will be delivered to the recipients’ email inbox, or if you chose text, then the recipients will receive a text message.


Purpose: Track your contact with students.
Access: From System Administration, click on Communications > Student Contacts.

This module allows you to track contacts with visitors. For example, you can log phone calls, emails, and personal interactions in this screen. The available fields to register your contacts are:

  • Contact Date Time: Date and time when the student was contacted.
  • Student: Student's name.
  • Reason: The reason for the contact.
  • Contacted by: Who contacted the student.
  • Contact type: The type of contact. For example: phone, e-mail, personal interaction, etc.
  • Notes: Here, you can enter comments, or the description of the subject of the contact, or any notes you like.

To add a new contact, click on the “Add” button. To edit a contact, select one from the list box located at the top of the screen by double-clicking on it. To record your selection, click on “Save”.