Module: Appointments.
Purpose: To allow the student to find open slots and schedule appointments.
Access: This screen appears to student when clicking the “Appointments” button in the main sign in screen.

Video Learning Series: Setting up for and Scheduling Appointments

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Clicking on “Appointments” in the student main sign-in screen will bring up a box asking the student for his or her ID number. Once entered, the student has the options to view and or cancel existing appointments, or to create new ones.

If View/Cancel Appointment is selected, then the Cancel Appointment window will open. To cancel an appointment, the student would click the check-boxes next to one or more of the appointments then click the Cancel Appointment button at the bottom of the screen.

You can set rules about appointment cancellations in the View Appointments » Setup » Restriction Options screen.
If you want to enable students to be able to make appointments via a Web-browser, the Web Gateway MVC plugin is a perfect solution for you. Please contact us at to get the details.

If Schedule New Appointment is selected, then either the Appointment Wizard or the Quick Scheduler screen will open, depending in which scheduler you choose to present to your students in the Set Appointments » Setup screen.

Scheduling an Appointment Using Quick Scheduler

From the main sign-in screen, the student would click the Appointments button:

Then enter his/her ID in the Student ID box:

The Create or View/Cancel Appointments screen will open:

If Schedule New Appointment is selected, after the student press OK, the Quick Scheduler screen will open:

Click a Category on the left (1) and the activities listed for that category will appear in the (2) Select Activity list. Click the activity for which the appointment will be scheduled. Next, click the date when the appointment will occur. You can click the left or right arrows to scroll day by day, or click the drop-down box next to the date display to select a day from a calendar view. A list of tutors that are available for the selected activity and for the selected day (based on the tutor activity assignments and tutor schedules you have created) will appear in the (4) Select an open slot display area. To schedule the appointment, click on the O (which stands for open) on a time slot adjacent to the desired tutor. The Scheduling Appointment box will appear:

Based on your appointment rules (min and max appointment length settings you can click the Duration drop-down box to expand the appointment length. You can also add any notes for that appointment. Click the Schedule button to schedule the appointment. After you click Schedule, the system will send an appointment confirmation to the tutor and student and remove the O (open) slot from the appointment grid.

If you use group appointments, then the O (open) slot will remain until the max number of students in group appointment settings are reached, then the open slot will be removed.

Scheduling an Appointment Using Appointment Wizard

From the main sign-in screen, the student would click the Appointments button:

Then enter his/her ID in the Student ID box:

The Create or View/Cancel Appointments screen will open:

Click OK to open the Appointment Wizard:

Start by selecting a category from the tree control at the left. You may then choose a class or activity and, if you like, you can also select a tutor. Select the day or days of the week by checking the appropriate day box, and click on “Next”.

You will see the above screen if you did not select a tutor. The screen shows the schedules of all tutors that work with the selected class. Use the vertical scrollbar to see all the schedules. Once you have located the appropriate appointment slot, select the tutor from the “Selected Tutor” drop-down box and click on “Next”.

The above screen shows the schedule of the selected tutor. Select the appointment's start time via the “From” drop-down box. Select the duration of this appointment via the “Duration” drop-down. If set, you can also change the appointment type (exclusive or one-to-many). Finally, select the date of the appointment from the selection list boxes (either a single date for a one-time appointment or multiple for recursive appointments). Click “Set” to schedule the appointment.

If the appointment is being created from the main sign-in screen by a student, then the student will automatically be selected. If the Appointment Wizard is being accessed by an administrator, AccuSQL/AccuTrack will display a student selection screen and may also show an Appointment Notes screen, Room Selection and more, depending on the configuration.