If you click Add-ons from the main System Administration screen, then select Setup, you will be presented with an Add-ons Setup Options view that shows context-specific options for your Add-ons screens. Here are the Control Panel options for Add-ons Setup:

  • Computer Lab Plug-in Options: Used to set up the AccuSQL/AccuTrack ComputerLab Plug-in software options.
  • Web Gateway Options: Used to set up rules for the Web Gateway MVC module.


Purpose: Setup the options used by the ComputerLab Plug-in computers.
How To Access: Click Add-ons in System Administration, then the Setup tab in the bottom right of the screen. Now click on Computer Lab Plug-in Options on the left side of the Options menu to select it.

Use Windows Log-in Name as the AccuSQL/AccuTrack (ComputerLab Plug-in ID: Check this option if students using your computers must sign in to a Windows log-in account first. Instead of having these students log in twice (first to Windows and then to the ComputerLab Plug-in), you can check this option and AccuSQL/AccuTrack will automatically read the Windows log-in ID and sign the student into ComputerLab Plug-in using this ID. Note that if this option is checked, the ComputerLab Plug-in will sign the student out when the student signs out of Windows.

If the screen saver is off, log out in X minutes of inactivity: With this option checked, the ComputerLab Plug-in will sign the student out automatically if X number of minutes passes without activity. Note: If the screen saver is activated, the Plug-in software will sign the student out after the screen saver activates.

Do not show a Tutor Selection screen: Check this box if you are using the Plug-in software and you do not want to show the Tutor’s Selection screen at sign-in into the ComputerLab Plug-in.

Do not allow sign in from multiple stations: Use this option to restrict sign-in access from multiple locations. Student must sign-out completely from the ComputerLab Plug-in before being able to sign-in from another computer.

Automatically shut down plugin computers at X: Use this option to designate a time for computers running the plugin to shut down.

Offline mode: Use this option to restrict access to the web. Useful for labs where students should only be accessing offline programs such as writing labs. Note: Some Windows setup options can prevent this feature’s functionality and need to be configured directly using Windows security options.

Disable Task Manager: When checked, it will not allow students to run the Windows Task Manager. If selected, the Task Manager will be grayed out.

Hide the student’s name from the floating Sign Out Window: Will not display the student’s first and last name in the sign-out window.

Warn if session time exceeds X minutes: Will warn students if they have been logged in longer than the period of time you define using X.

After student signs out: Determines what action the computer will take once a student signs out – return to the sign-in screen, logout from Windows, or restart the computer.

Computer Lab Status:

Publish computer lab status to FTP: You can specify an FTP server to automatically publish the lab status report to that server.

Hide Page Lab Assistant button: Will not display the Page Lab Assistant button when students are signed into the plug-in. Require student password at sign-in: For an added level of security, you can require students to enter both their student ID and password to unlock the Computer Lab Plugin software.

Note: You can set all student passwords to either the same as the ID, or the lower case last name in the System Access » Reset Student Passwords screen. Student passwords can also be imported.
Note: If you are interested in adding the ComputerLab Plug-in for either AccuSQL or AccuTrack, please contact us at and we would be happy to assist.

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Purpose: This section allows you to set up the Web Gateway settings used between AccuTrack/AccuSQL and the Web Gateway Add-on.
How To access: Click Add-ons in System Administration screen and then click the Setup button in the bottom right of the screen. Now when the next screen loads click the Web Gateway Options on the left-side options menu.

Web Options

If you use the Web Gateway (web-based appointment plugin module for AccuSQL/AccuTrack), use this page to configure some related options:

Allow new students to register via the web: If this option is checked, AccuSQL/AccuTrack will allow new students to add themselves to the student database via the Web Gateway module.

New students must be activated by admin: If you check the option above, use this option to indicate whether new students have immediate access to appointment scheduling. If this option is checked, new students who registered via the web are set as “inactive”. The administrator can then view these students in the AccuSQL/AccuTrack Students screen and activate them to give them access to appointments scheduling.

Allow forgot password link: If this option is checked, Web Gateway will allow students who forgot their passwords to request that their password be sent to them via email.

Do NOT allow scheduling appointments via the web: If this option is checked, Web Gateway will NOT allow students to schedule appointments via the web.

Do NOT allow canceling appointments via the web: If this option is checked, Web Gateway will not allow students to cancel appointments via the web.

Show an email address field in the student appointment scheduling form: This option allows you to collect an updated email from the student when they are scheduling the appointment.

Email address entry field is required to fill in: This makes the email update required in Web Gateway.

Show student's email address in Tutor's View/Cancel Appointment (screen): This allows the Tutor to be able to see the email that was entered in Web Gateway by the Student on the Tutor's Web Gateway View/Cancel Appointments screen.

Appointments Tutor Selection Screen Order

You can choose the order in which the Tutors are displayed using these options:

  • Alphabetic (default): This option simply displays the Tutors Available alphabetically by their last name.
  • Random: This option displays the Tutors Available in random order.
  • By appointments count (least first): This option displays the Tutors Available in order of least to greatest number of already scheduled appointments for the time period displayed.

SAML 2.0 Authentication

You can enable SAML 2.0 Authentication for Web Gateway by checking the Enable SAML 2.0 Authentication checkbox and providing the following required information:

  • Authentication URL: This is the webpage URL where your Students will be directed to login through your authentication service if they go to the Web Gateway URL.
  • Logout URL: This is the webpage URL where your Students will be sent after they logout of Web Gateway.
  • Certificate: This is your authentication services certificate that we'll need to have to verify the authentication service that is sending the Students over to Web Gateway is the correct website.
  • Access token This is a system-generated access token provided by AccuSQL to provide to the authentication service provider.

This is an example of this setup:

Note: If you are interested in adding Web Gateway for either AccuSQL or AccuTrack, please contact us at and we would be happy to assist.