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Import "Staff Table"


CSV Mapped Columns:

# Field Name Type (Char Limit)
1 (Staff/Tutor/Advisor) User ID
2 (Staff/Tutor/Advisor) First Name varchar(15)
3 (Staff/Tutor/Advisor) Last Name varchar(20)
4 Email varchar(100)
5 Phone varchar(13)
6 CellPhone varchar(13)
7 Address varchar(35)
8 City varchar(15)
9 State varchar(2)
10 ZIP varchar(10)
11 Card ID varchar(40)

*Fields highlighted in yellow are required to import.


The User ID is the ID for the tutor, advisor, or staff member in the Tutors screen (names based on terminology, but data always in tutors table).

The First Name and Last Name are required.

The Email is optional but required if you intend to send emails such as appointment confirmations or used in the messaging center for tutors.

The Phone is optional but is the tutor's phone number.

The Cell Phone is optional but required if you plan to send text messages to tutors.

The Address is the tutor's address.

The City is the tutor's city.

The State is tutor state.

The ZIP is the tutor's zip code.

The Card ID is optional and used to store a secondary ID that tutors can use to sign into the system as an alternate credential to their user ID.


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Import Behaviors for this Import

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