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Import "Activities Table"


CSV Mapped Columns:

# Field Name Type (Char Limit)
1 Category varchar(100)
2 (Activity) Identification varchar(100)
3 Activity (Name) varchar(100)
4 Activity_Other varchar(6)
5 Inst. First Name varchar(100)
6 Inst. Last name varchar(100)
7 Inst. Email varchar(100)
8 Class Days varchar(100)
9 From varchar(100)
10 To varchar(100)
11 Min. Appt. Minutes Integer (4)

*Fields highlighted in yellow are required to import.


The category is used to group activities on the sign-in screen as a "top-level domain" certain activities fall under.

(Activity) Identification is a unique ID for the activity. Such as MATH-100, ENGL-110, ESOL-655.

Activity (Name) is the only required field to create an activity.

Activity_Other is optional that can be used to provide additional information about the activity.

Inst. First Name and Inst. Last Name fields are required. It's usually displayed in the format Last, First.

Inst. Email is optional but highly recommended. This is so the Instructors can receive messages and notifications about their students. The email has to be unique across all the users too.

Class days are used to add days of the week when classes occur. The format can either be:

  1. the first 2 letters of the days of the week (Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa,Su),
  2. the first 3 letters of the days of the week (Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun), OR
  3. the fully spelled-out days of the week (Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday).

Separate these using commas and encasing them in quotes. As an example: "Mo,We,Fr"

From is the time when the class begins. Format can be 8AM, 8:00AM, 08:30AM, 3PM, or 3:00PM

To is the time when the class ends. Format can be 9AM, 9:00AM, 09:30AM, 4PM, or 4:00PM

Min. Appt. Minutes is the minimum amount of time they must spend in the appointment to get credit as a "Show", otherwise, they are considered a "No-show".


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