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Zoom Integration


This article is to help explain the steps an Accudemia account administrator will take to allow their users such as staff, tutors, or advisors to easily use Zoom for Accudemia's virtual appointments and virtual walk-ins.


1. Pre-Approve the Engineerica Meet Application from the Zoom App Marketplace

Important!  If you are using a Zoom Enterprise or Educational account this pre-approval may need to be done by a Zoom account administrator.
1. Start by navigating to the Zoom App Marketplace.

2. Then search for "engineerica" on the Zoom App Marketplace and click on the Engineerica Tracker app.

3. Now click the Sign-in to Install button and log into your Zoom account (if not already).

4. Once logged into Zoom click the Install button to get to this screen.  This screen helps tell your Zoom account the domain of your Accudemia account.  Enter your domain and click the Go to Install Page> button.

NOTE: In the "Enter account domain" field you will enter the domain used on your accudemia account.  For example, if I normally use to access Accudemia then I will type the domain of "mycollege" into this field.
5. Now the account will let you Pre-Approve this app's use on your Zoom account.

6. Done! Once the Engineerica Tracker app has been Pre-approved your users can now authorize the use of their individual Zoom Meeting accounts in Accudemia.

2. Enable Zoom Meeting Integrations on your Accudemia account

1. Start by navigating to and clicking on the Read Documentation button or going directly to the Third Party Meeting Services Integration webpage that explains the process.  This will explain the basic information, but not give you step-by-step instructions like this article.

2. From there you will need to login to your Accudemia account as an administrator.

3. Now navigate to the Administration > Control Panel > Virtual Sessions > (leave it set to the college-level) from the top main menu.

4. On this page click on the Zoom Integration heading on the left-side menu or scroll down to that section.

5. This should take you to the ZOOM INTEGRATION section to enable this option for your team.  Simply check the checkbox labeled "Enable Third-party Meeting Integrations".

6. Once that is checked scroll to the top or click the arrow in the lower-right and click the Save Changes button.
Important!  This will change several of the screens in Accudemia so you may want to make sure that all other steps are complete prior to enabling this option.

3. Provide Instructions for each tutor/staff to Authorize the use of their Zoom account in Accudemia

1. The tutor/staff will log in to Accudemia normally by going to the website (replacing "mycollege" with your domain).

2. Then they will navigate from their Name (in the top right) to the Preferences section.

3. In the Preferences section click the Virtual Meetings section.

4. On this page, you can optionally check the checkbox that states "Send users to my meeting automatically (when waiting line not used)" if you want the students directed to this link automatically from now on.  More importantly, click the "Select Meeting..." Drop-down so that you can select the "Connect to Zoom Account" option.

5. A pop-up window will open for the tutor/staff to authorize the use of their Zoom Account with Accudemia.  They need to login (if not already) and click the Authorize button to connect their Zoom account to their Accudemia user account.

Important! If you are not Pre-Approved then the Zoom Account Administrator may have to do this step first.

6. Done!  Now the tutor should see options to use their Zoom account URL throughout Accudemia for online walk-ins.  In addition, their personal meeting link will be used automatically when students schedule online appointments.

NOTE: You'll now see that they can "Disconnect Zoom account" in the "Select Meeting..." drop-down if they were testing this process or connected the wrong account when authorizing it.

TIP: A daily session will be created that you will use, as a Tutor, to connect to your scheduled online meetings/appointments or virtual drop-ins. They will start to show up every day in your connected Zoom account like this and will allow your institution to collect both student sign-ins and sign-outs accurately. Here's what that will look like when connected:

TIP: This process may not be necessary to make Zoom work on your account, but it will help facilitate the easier implementation of Zoom in your Accudemia account.  We have a couple of guides that explain how you can use Zoom or any other meeting platforms without this integration below:
  1. Accudemia 7.0 - Virtual Appointments Setup -
  2. Accudemia 7.0 - Virtual Walk-ins Setup -

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