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This is the Main Screen that all instructors see after logging into Accudemia with their given password. As shown below it displays the following:

  • Upcoming Appointments - - If there is an upcoming appointment it will show to the left of the screen.
  • Connect to Outlook 365 : Use this option to access the integration with Outlook 365.
  • Surveys - Depending on if any Survey was configured in Accudemia (for this specific role) it will show in the center of the screen.
  • Messages - If you received a message from another user it will typically show, you can also reply from there.
  • News - If news/information was added by the administrators it will show to the right of the screen.
  • Calendar - If a global calendar was added to Accudemia it should show to the right of the screen.

Homepage Navigation Tabs

The following tabs are the ones available on the Instructor's Homepage:

Profile's Tabs

The top right-hand side of the web page includes the following:

  • Account - allows Instructors to update some general information, change passwords, set up profile information, and manage Instructor assignments.
    NOTE: some of the settings are locked and can only be edited by a system administrator.
  • Preferences - Directs Instructors My Settings where they can edit Notifications and Site Navigation.
  • Pending Surveys - Instructors can click Pending Surveys to see and respond to any pending surveys awaiting completion thru this screen.
  • Logout - Logs Instructors out of Accudemia


This section will start an e-mail message that you can compose to the Institution's designated Main Account Admin in Accudemia.

By clicking on the Help icon , a menu should appear where Instructor can type a question in the word box, get directed to the version of Accudemia they are using, Submit Feedback and Create a Support Ticket (if they are set as Technical Contacts in Accudemia).


By clicking the Announcements Icon, a pop-up will appear where tutors will be able to quickly look at announcements.

High Contrast(Dark Mode)

If you are having trouble viewing the Accudemia website, click on the High Contrast Icon located in the top right corner of the webpage:

Connect to Outlook 365 (In case the user also has the Tutor role)

In this option, you can connect your Outlook 365 calendar with your Accudemia:

  1. Click on “Connect to Outlook 365”:
  2. On this screen, you might need to authenticate with your Microsoft credentials(if required):
  3. The next screen is authorizing the integration between Accudemia and the account for Microsoft. Click Accept:
  4. Now Accudemia should let you know that you are connected and you need to pick what calendar you are going to use from the list. Typically the default selection “calendar” should be the proper selection:
  5. On this screen, you have several options, if you click “View Synced Events” you have access to all events that were synchronized for the next 7 days:

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