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Select a device to learn the options to track attendance:

Click on the options below to choose the device to track class attendance for your classroom!

    • Call the roll and mark the attendance of each student.
    • Sign the students in by reading a QR barcode with the device’s camera.
    • Sign the students in by swiping their ID card with a magnetic strip reader.
    • Call the roll and manually mark absent/late students.
    • Sign the students in by reading a RFID/proximity reader. Have the students pass their RFID key fob over the RFID reader to record their attendance. (click here for ordering info.)
    • Sign-in station and have students sign in by swiping their student ID card in a magnetic strip reader or barcode reader. (click here for ordering info.)
    • Students can also type their ID number on the keyboard into a sign-in station to sign in for class.
    • Have the students sign-in by reading a barcode with the iPad's front camera while keeping the device locked to display a classroom's scheduled courses through out the day in a tamper-free kiosk mode.