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Recording Attendance on a Computer

  1. From the Home screen when logged in as an Admin or Operator click the View/Edit Logs link under the Attendance section.
    Attendance > View/Edit Logs
  2. Now click the Create Log button to add a log from the View/Edit Logs section.
    Create Log button location
  3. Then you'll enter all the required fields by searching for their names in each field. Notice you will have to select the Location, Event/Class (Optional), Users/Members, and set the Sign-in and Sign-out times.
    Add log info screen
    NOTE: To enter the sign-ins and/or sign-outs click the drop-down and select the log “type” (In/Out), then make sure you click the green plus symbol at the end of the row to ensure the log time is added. If you miss this step every time then the Sign-in Time or Sign-out time will not save.
  4. Optionally at the bottom of this page you can add comments but must click the Save Log button to complete this process.
    Log comments and save

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