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Attendance Summary

View Attendance Summary

To view attendance logs do the following:

  1. At the home screen go to the Attendance section and click on Summary.
  2. Once there you will have an option to choose a view of one of the following areas:
    • Summary by Student: View the attendance summary of an individual student. Select the student Name.
    • Summary by Class: View the attendance summary of an entire class. Select the Semester and Class Name
    • Summary by Semester: View the attendance summary of all of the Classes for a Semester/Term. Select the Semester
  3. After selecting an area and entering the required information Click on Show Summary Report to view report.

At this point you will see a complete chart of the student(s) attendance data of the semester. This chart contains the status count or percentage for a student or class (depending on what option you chose):

Summary by Student or Class

Summary by Semester