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Attendance Logs

This is a section to view the Attendance for each individual Student's attendance which includes the total minutes and percentage of time in the class. Use the search criteria below to get a quick view of the attendance.

Viewing Attendance Logs

To view attendance logs do the following:

  1. At the home screen go to the Attendance section and click on Logs.
  2. Once there you will be prompted to Filter the attendance logs into the following categories: (at least one filter must be present for the logs to work)
    • Class
    • Group
    • Student
    • Date Range
  3. Set your Filters and then click the View Attendance button.

At this point you will see a complete chart of the student(s) attendance data of the semester. This chart contains the following:

  • Students Name and ID: Ex. Pam Beasley (ID A0000004)
  • Class Name and ID: Ex. TEST-class 1
  • Class Session Date: Ex. Wednesday 02/12/2020
  • Class Session Time: Ex. 9:30am - 3:00pm
  • Class Session Status: Ex.  Present 
  • Class Session minutes in and percentage: Ex. 49 mins 98%

To edit the filters used to pull this attendance data, click the Change Filters button. This will reopen the Filters screen for the Attendance Logs.

To edit a specific status click on the status and this will open the View Attendance Details page for that student.

To print this sheet just go to File > Print or Print Preview option in your browser if you want a Report of this information.

Click here for a PDF sample of this American Government Class Logs Report.

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