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Depending on the permissions configured by the administrators students might not have access to all options/information, contact the administrators as needed for help

This screen lets students view what services are available in each Location around campus.

How to Access: General > Services

Purpose: Used to view Services in AccuCampus.

Services Buttons

  • Compass Categories - Students use this option to see a list of Compass Categories that they can create for use with the Compass used by the Student both in the AccuCampus app and when they log in online.
  • Locations - Use this option to see a list of Services.
  • Search Filter (Magnifying Glass) - This filters the current view of the Services on this screen to only show the Users that match the typed search criteria.

Services Search Filter (Magnifying Glass)

  • Search- Use this option to search for a text in all the Services in Accucampus (OR in a certain category as selected below in the “Search in” option).
  • Search in- Use this option to restrict the Search above to a certain Category.

Services List options

For each Service/row in the list, there might be a few options shown:

  • Location Availability - Use this option to see a list of Locations where this Service is provided. (see next sample)

  • Rating options - Next to each Service name students have the option to rate it and/or write a review. (This is based on permissions for their role(s)) (see next sample)

Campus Compass Categories

Use this option to see the Categories for the Campus Compass, click on a Category to see detailed Information.

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