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How to Access: General > Locations

Purpose:: This area is used to view Locations configured in AccuCampus.

Locations Buttons

  • Services - Use this option to view the list of Services that are offered in such Location.(the same service can be provided in more than 1 location)
  • Search Filter (Magnifying Glass) - This filters/refines the current view of the Locations on this screen; to only show the Locations that match the typed search criteria.

Locations Search Filter (Magnifying Glass)

  • Search - Use this option for students to search for a specific location by typing the name(the system will search while you type).
  • Search In - Specify a location from the list.
  • Refine -Refine for those locations that have appointments enabled/disabled.

Click on a location name to see more information.(This depends on how much information was entered for it)

Location ratings

From the Locations list select some that you wish to rate and click the rating-scale (underneath the name of the location), you would be able to see the average ratings available for it and how many votes it has so far(if any).

Click on this rating scale next to the Location description, you will be shown a screen where you can rate this Location and/or add a Description:

Students can set this rating anonymously (if needed).

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