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Walk-in Times

In AccuCampus there are ways for students to do a detailed-search and visualize staff availability, this search includes many filters such as Location, Service, Courses, and many others. This is where I can view available Walk-in Times for each Center around campus. Select options to filter the results and then click “Search By Staff” OR “Search By Date”.

Filtering Options

  • Location- Use this option to select a Location from the list.
  • Semester- Use this option to select a Semester from the list.
  • Period- Select a range choosing the Start Date and End Date.
  • Service- Type-in and/or Search a Service.
  • Course- Type-in and/or Search a Course.
  • Staff- Type-in and/or Search a Staff.
  • Search by Staff- Click this option to use these filters to show a list of Staff Members, click a Staff Member Name to see his/her availability(see details below).
  • Search by Date- Click this option to use these filters to show Dates along with Staff available on such Dates(see details below).

Search by Staff

After clicking “Search by Staff” on the main screen you will be presented with a list of Staff:

Now click on one of the Staff names to see a new information panel underneath with the Availability Data.

Search by Date

After clicking “Search by Date” on the main screen a new information panel will show a list of dates along with staff available on such dates:

Extra Documentation