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Virtual Appointment

Using this page you will learn the different ways users can use to access their virtual appointments in AccuCampus

-Using the Appointments list page.

Go to Appointments –> View All:

From the Appointments list select the upcoming virtual appointment, click on the “More Actions” menu to the right of the Appointment and select “Virtual Sign-in”

Depending on the appointment date and time you will be greeted with some instructions and you will be shown a “Sign-in” button if the tutor is ready to see you.

-Now you are ready to start the session.

This is the last screen before entering the session in the streaming platform your school uses, click “Join Session” to be directed to the virtual session and receive assistance.

Using the Upcoming appointment widget in your AccuCampus Home Page.

If your AccuCampus was configured with a widget called “Upcoming Appointment ” in the Home Page(this is regularly the case) then users can go to that widget and see information about the appointments; for those appointments that are virtual and are about to take place you will see a “Virtual Sign-in” button which allows you to enter the appointment, this screenshot can be used as an example:

from here all the process is the same as described above.

It is highly likely that users will receive notifications for upcoming virtual appointments, in those notifications usually a link is provided so they can click on it at the time of the appointment to join, the link looks similar to this one:

Users can click on the link to access their appointments, after clicking the link AccuCampus will authenticate the user if needed, and then it will show the screens described above to join.

- When clicking to join the virtual appointment the system says it is too early to join.

Depending on the configuration set by your administrators there is a defined time (before the appointment start time) when students are allowed to join-in, usually, that time is between 5 and 15 minutes but it could be more or less, please check your appointment time and try again to access it closer to the start time.

Changing from online to on-site appointment

In order to do this, you just need to edit the appointment and change the service “type”, if it was on-site change it for an online service and then you should receive the link via email.

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