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Note: Your actual access is set by your college administrator, so some of these actions might not apply to you.

Waiting Lines

AccuCampus allows you to create wait lines for locations, specific services at a location, specific courses at a location, and specific staff members at a location. Additionally, wait lines can be made “virtual” meaning that students can add themselves to a wait-line via the mobile-app rather than signing in at the location itself. This allows students to better manage their time, and centers to better manage their space. Before waiting lines can be created, you must first have built locations, services, courses, and sign-in stations.

There are some built-in notifications for waiting lines; however, you can use Rules to create new or more specific notifications for your waiting lines. This could include messages for virtual waiting lines providing an estimated wait time and notifications when the center is ready for the student.

Create Line

Name - This is the name for the Waiting Line.

User is unknown - Use this option if you do not know who the Student was but you need to create a Session Log (for headcount purposes).

Location - This is the Location that you want this Waiting Line to be associated with.

Description - This is an optional field to add a Description.

Active - This option marks the Waiting Line as Active(checked) or Inactive(unchecked).

Tracking Information You can set this line to a specified service, event or staff member. Whenever attendees sign-in they will be put in the corresponding line based on what they select. This way you can have multiple waiting lines at the same time in the same location. If you want to have a single line in the specified location, leave the next fields empty.

Service - Use this option to set a Default Service.

Course - Use this option to set a Default Course.

Staff - Use this option to set a Default Staff.


  • Enable joining using the App - this option allows us to enable/disable joining via the APP. If you use this option a new set of 5 options will appear, please see below:

  1. Display Name - Please select this option to name the Waiting list in the App.
  2. When joined, message- Please select this option to show a message in the APP, by default it will show the User Position and Wait time.
  3. When in position- Please set a position number so when the user reaches this number the system will trigger a message.
  4. Message- This is the message that the system will show when the user reached the position number shown above.
  5. When signed-in, message- Please set a custom message to show when the user signs-in, by default the system will show “A staff member is waiting for you. Please come in.”:
  • SAVE - This option saves the Information.
  • CANCEL - This option quits the page without saving.

see more information here:

For students to be able to Sign-in to waiting lines by themselves they should have the proper permissions, please go to the Users Role configuration, select the role and make sure this features (Waiting line (remote access)) is enabled.

How to manage the Waiting Line

Click on the “Manage” button to the right of the line name:

Here you can see who is waiting in the queue, what student is already signed-in, and what staff is signed in the Center.

3.1-To see details from each entry in the queue click “View Details” to the right of the student name:
From this screen, you can Sign-in the student or you can remove him from the queue .

3.2-To remove the student from the queue click “Remove” to the right of the student name:
This is useful if the student is the line by mistake or if the student changed his mind and does not want to stay in line waiting.

A confirmation message should appear, click Ok to remove the student:

3.2 To Sign-in a Student to session click on “Sign-in” to the right of the student name, then select a Tutor that can help the student or if you are using Zoom you can select the virtual meeting option and connect to your Zoom account to assist the student :

Now as you can see the student moved from the “Waiting” section to the Students @ Center section:

3.3- To sign-out, a student please click the “Sign-Out” button to the right of the student name:

A confirmation message should appear, click Ok:

Now the student name disappeared since he was signed-out:

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