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Note: Your actual access is set by your college administrator, so some of the sections here might not apply to you.

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How to Access: General > Services

Purpose: Used to create, edit, and manage the Services in AccuCampus.

Services Buttons

These services may include academic support services, academic advising, admissions, career services, and many more that you provide at your center(s).

  • Create Service - Use this option to create a new Service for your Locations.
  • Compass Categories - Use this option to go to the list of Compass Categories that you can create for use with the Compass used by the Student both in the AccuCampus app and when they log in online.
  • Locations - This button is a link to the list of Services page.
  • Courses - This button is a link to the list of Courses pages.
  • Search Filter (Magnifying Glass) - This filters the current view of the Services on this screen only to show the Users that match the typed search criteria.

Services List Options

  • Location Availability - This takes you to a modifiable list of the Locations that currently offer the Service selected. Managed easily by typing the name of the Location you want to offer the Service as shown in the picture to the right. Use the minus symbol to the left of the Locations you accidentally added or no longer offered this Service.
  • Delete - This option allows you to delete this Service. A confirmation message will prompt you to confirm the deletion to be less likely to be deleted by accident.

Services Search Filter (Magnifying Glass)

  • Search- Please use this option to search for a text in all the Services in Accucampus OR in a certain category as selected below in the “Search in” option.
  • Search in- Use this option to restrict the search above to a certain Category.
  • Apply Filters- Click this button to execute the search using the filters specified.

Refine your Search

  • Appointments Status- Refine your search by selecting a specific Appointments Status value in the list.

Create Service

General Info

  • Name - This is the name of a Service you want to offer at your Location.
  • Type - This is the Type of a Service that it belongs to and will be grouped accordingly on the list of Services. Note that this also shows up in search results to help the person selecting the option as shown:

  • Order - This is an optional field for sorting purposes; lower values will make this service show first in the “Services” list, a higher number will do the opposite.
  • Description - This is an optional field that describes the purpose of this Service.
  • Available in all locations - Use this option if you want this available in all locations.

Virtual Sign-In

  • Allow virtual sign-in for appointments - Use this option to set this service as online.

Campus Compass

  • Show in Compass -Please select this option if you want to show this Service in Compass. A new list shows so you can select the Category that this Service refers to.

  • SAVE - Please use this button to save all information.
  • CANCEL -Please use this button to cancel this process and go back without saving.

Location Availability

How to Access: While in the Service details screen, click on the link “Location Availability” on the top-right hand side.
Purpose: With this feature, we select the Locations to provide the Service.

In the Location- Availability screen, start typing a Location name so AccuCampus can autocomplete or click on the magnifying icon to select from the list. To remove a location, use the red minus symbol to the left of the location name.

Service Rating

Please click in the rating system next to the Service Description; you will be shown a screen where you can rate this Service and/or add a Description:

Please notice that depending on the type of Ratings selected at Account Settings > Ratings, you can see different types like Five Star Rating, Thumb Rating, or Smiley Rating

You can set this rating anonymously.

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