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Media Items

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Use this option to see Media Checkout History that you lend out to your students.

Media Items Buttons

  • Create Media - Use this option to create a new Media.
  • Media Types - Use this option to specify the Media Types.
  • Checkout History - Use this option to see the Media Lending History.
Search Filter (Magnifying Glass)

This filters the current view of the Media on this screen to only show the Media that match the typed search criteria.

  • Search - Type in a text to be searched in the Search in location selected.
  • Search in: - Select a location to search.
  • Refine your Search: - This is a more detailed search, please type-in some text to search in the desired field, choices are (code, title, type, location, Staff, checkout date, due backdate), you can also select from the Status and Active lists to filter even further the results.

Media List Options

You'll notice on the right-hand side of every Media in this list you have a few options and this is their function and purpose:

  • Check-in/out - Use this option to check-in OR check-out this Media to an Attendee: Please select Location from the list and the Attendee receiving the Media. After you have checked-out a Media then check-in will show, click on check-in to receive the Media back from an Attendee.
  • Delete - Click here to delete this Media entry. A confirmation message will prompt you to confirm the deletion so that these are less likely to be deleted by accident.

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