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Action Packs

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How to Access: Action Plan > Action Packs

Purpose: Within AccuCampus, individual Action Items can be combined into an Action Pack. This allows you to set up a series of steps that will automatically assign to a user one by one as each step is completed. Examples of this would be an Action Pack related to incoming Freshmen who must complete a form, attend orientation, and arrange housing before starting school. Before creating an Action Pack, you will need to have created Action Items. Used to view/manage the Action Packs that consist of Action Items that need to be completed by Students in AccuCampus. Here you can add/remove Action Items to/from an Action Pack.

Action Packs Navigation

When you get to this section there are several buttons available to manage the Action Packs:

  • Search (Magnifying Glass) - This allows you to search for Action Pack that are in the current view you have selected.

Action Pack Search (Magnifying Glass)

  • Search - This option allows you to search an Action Pack typing the name.
  • Search in - This allows you to limit the filter above in certain categories.

Refine your search

  • Code - This allows you to search using the Code field.
  • Name - This allows you to search using the Name field.
  • Items - This allows you to search using the Items field.

View an Action Pack

To view an Action Pack, click on the title of the action item you would like to view.

Assign an Action Pack

To Assign an Action Pack, click on the Assign button on the right side of the name.

Once you click assign you will be taken to the Assign Action Pack menu:

Action Pack

  • Action Pack - Select from the available previously created Action Packs that you want to assign to the Student you've selected. If you accidentally choose the wrong Action Pack in the list you have an (edit) option that appears so you can change it once something has been selected.

Assignment Information

  • Student - This is simply the Student you have selected to be assigned this Action Pack.
  • Notes - These are notes you can add about why this Action Item being assigned to the Student.

List of Action Items

Each Action Item will be listed that is in the Action Pack so you can assign the due dates, decide whether or not to share the notes with each item, and choose if the completion should be marked based on rules.

  • Due On - Set a date that this Action Item assignment is due on.
  • Autocomplete based on rules - Check this option if you want the rules to handle marking completed.
  • Public for student - This option makes the notes visible to the student.
  • SAVE- Please click this button to Save all Changes.
  • CANCEL- Please click this button to rollback without saving.
As the student attempts to complete or completes each Action Item in this Action Pack you can add additional notes that you can choose to share with the student or not and mark as completed when done. As well followers can be added to each Action Item later in AccuCampus.

After finishing setting up the Action Pack click Save

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