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Summary: On this page, we show how to work with session logs.

Entering the Session Log

Session logs are used to store detailed information of users activities in AccuCampus, this is usually done automatically by AccuCampus(albeit you can create logs manually too), for each session performed important data is gathered such as:

  • - When did the activity start?.
  • - Who is the user?.
  • - Who did the student meet?.
  • - What role the user is using?.
  • - Where did the activity take place?.
  • - What was the session about (specific courses, services, seminars)?.
  • - Any logs/follow-up information related to this activity?.
  • - When did the activity finish?.

From the main session logs page, you are able to see all session logs for your location or all locations. Based on your permissions, you are able to manually create a log, or edit an existing log at any time, including after the visit has concluded and the log is closed.
How to Access: Center Attendance > Session Logs.

Purpose: Used to create, edit, and manage the Session Logs for Center Attendance in AccuCampus.

Session Log Buttons

  • Create Log - Use this option to create a new Session Log manually, make sure to avoid duplicating logs.
  • Swipe a Card - Use this option to create a new Swipe In or Out for a Session Log.
  • Who's In? - This option redirects the user to the Who's In? section of AccuCampus.
  • View raw Swipes - Use this option to view the Swipes In or Out on a Session Log
  • Search Filter (Magnifying Glass) - This option filters the current view of the Session Logs on this screen to only show the Session Logs that match the typed search criteria, see below for details.

Session Log Options

On the right-hand side of every Session Log there is a list with a few options and this is their function and purpose:

  • Delete - Use this option to delete this Session Log. A confirmation message will prompt you to confirm your command (so that these are less likely to be deleted by accident).

Create a new Session Log

Select Tags - Here you can define tags that may be used to report on this session later. As an example on how to use Tags they could be something like their “Tutoring Status” (“Still needs help”, “Progressing”, “Final Session”) in which you could pull a report on the Session Logs of a particular Student when the status equals “Still needs help” or pull a list of all the Students who have completed the tutoring program that includes a list of all the Students with “Final Session” marked.

Generating the Session Log Report

Go to General–> Reports:

Search for Student Attendance report:
You can select multiple filters such as Range, Users, and more:
See this screenshot as an example:

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