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Using the AccuCampus Interface

In this section, we explore the AccuCampus layout so you'll know exactly where all your options are in the system.

The Layout

In this section, we explore how the AccuCampus layout is setup and used.


This section will display any software updates recently published, scheduled maintenance, or AccuCampus announcements.

Mobile Options

This section will display a QR code used to scan in a Student to a Class on campus. It also has the link to download the app if they don't have it.

Personal Options

This section will show you options related to your role in AccuCampus as well as options to logout, update your preferences, get help, create tickets, and more!

The Main Menu

These are the home screen options below. It is the page that contains all of the menu options to interact with the website.

AccuCampus is divided into 6 sections:

  1. General: This area is used by Administrators of AccuCampus to manage Locations, Courses, Services, and Users (Students, Instructors, Tutors, System Admins, etc.).
    • Users: To add and modify students, tutors, instructors, staff, system users, and groups.
    • Services: To add and modify services that locations will offer.
    • Courses: To list courses so they can be edited, deleted, or added.
  2. Center Attendance: Displays center items to edit, see and set appointments, session logs, tutor schedules, and others.
    • Session Logs: To enter comments on sign-in sessions or to modify session records.
    • Sign-in Stations: To define a location's sign-in stations
    • Who's In: To check who is signed in.
    • Surveys: To define the survey and its questions used to collect feedback. Coming Soon!
    • Appointments: This module schedules appointments between a student and a tutor. Options such as Edit, Cancel, Avoid, and Re-Schedule help you manage your records easily. Coming Soon!
    • Intake System: To manage when people can get into the session. Coming Soon!
    • Reports: Displays Reports related to Center Attendance. Depending on the Report Type, you have different filter options to choose from. The Period Filter gives you the possibility to filter information for a certain amount of time: “Today”, “Last week”, “Last month”, “per Semester” or “As entered” in the calendar.
  3. Class Attendance: Displays all items related to classes.
    • Roll Call: Displays the Roll Call screen for a specified course.
    • Attendance Sheet: Displays the attendance sheet for a specified course that can be printed and you can also manage the roll for particular days from this screen.
    • Attendance Summary: Displays Reports related to Class Attendance.
    • Unresolved Swipes: Displays the Swipes that were not associated with a User or Course so that you can attempt to pair them with the proper attendance swipe.
  4. Action Plan: This is the referral section that allows you to create Action Plans that help the students succeed.
    • By Student: Displays the Action Items or Action Packs assigned to Students.
    • Action Items: Create/edit/delete an Action Item for Students to complete.
    • Action Packs: Create/edit/delete an Action Pack of Action Items for Students to complete.
  5. Events: This is the Seminars/Events/Workshops section that allows you to create Badges or QR labels to help track students during the workshops. You can also create Certificates for those who attended.
    • Badges: Displays the options for Designing, Saving, and Printing Badges for Users.
    • Certificates: Displays the options for designing, saving, and printing Certificates for users.
    • QR Labels: Displays the options for designing, saving, and printing QR labels for users.
  6. Advanced Options: This is the section is where you get your system settings setup and it is used to import/export data as needed.
    • Export: Displays your Export data options.
    • Import: Displays your Import data options.
    • Settings: Displays your Settings for the AccuCampus software with options like custom rules and terminology.

Notable Menu Item

  1. Home button - This is either the AccuCampus Logo or the college logo that you can click to get you back to the home screen if you happen to navigate away from it.

If you noticed at the top-left you can save time navigating the menu by doing direct searches for the information that you would like to view. Search for Users, Classes, Centers, and more!

Adding and Saving Items

Most pages have a toolbar on the top, which allows you to perform the most common tasks related to the content you are viewing.

The following image shows the Save button you use to make your last changes in your Users, Locations, and other items.

The next image shows an example of a toolbar that allows you to create, edit (by clicking the title), and delete items.

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