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Tracking Classroom Attendance

Classroom Attendance can be obtained using Sign-in Stations, doing manual Roll calls, or using an IPAD to track it.

Now we are ready to create a Sign-in Station. How to Access: Center Attendance > Sign-in Stations Purpose: Used to create, edit, and manage the Sign-in Stations for Center Attendance AND Class Attendance.
Action Buttons

  • Create New- Use this option to create a new “Sign-in Station”.
  • Uninstall Station - Use this option to uninstall a Sign-in Station.
  • Waiting Lines - Select this option to configure the Waiting Line features(see details in the next chapter).

Create a new Sign-in Station screen

Purpose: Used to create and edit a Sign-in Stations/Kiosk for Class Attendance at your Locations in AccuCampus.

General Options Input the Station Name, Title, Instructions, Tracking Mode(Select “Class Attendance”), and Sign-In/Out Mode (Select between Multi-step).

  1. Multi-step Kiosks allow people to select additional options such as Location, Tutor, and Course before signing-in.
  • Admin Passcode - This is a simple passcode that allows the Administrator to change the event or enroll visitors, notice that if you leave this empty any user can perform the above-mentioned actions.
  • Show results for - Use this option to specify for how long a confirmation msg will be shown on the screen after a sign-in/out
  • Show visitor IDs - this option allows us to enable/disable showing the user ID.
  • Show visitor names - Use this option to enable/disable showing the user name.
  • Show visitor photos - this option allows us to enable/disable showing the user photo, after enabling this option you will be able to select from 3 picture sizes depending on your needs, options are small(40 pixels wide), medium(150 pixels wide) and large(300 pixels wide).

Location Selection

Input the Class Locations:

Now install the Sign-In Station so students can start typing their information:
Remember that in the Courses information you have specified the schedule and location where classes take places, as soon as you create and use a Kiosk that points to such Location and it is the exact time for class AccuCampus then knows

Setting up Classroom Attendance

Go to Advanced Options–> Settings–>Attendance“

In this screen, you would need to set all different parameters to track attendance as you can see in this screenshot:

Collecting Attendance Data

Go to Class Attendance–> Roll Call:

Select a session name and date:

Now on each row you have 5 buttons to change the status of the student as needed:

Setting attendance Restrictions

How to Access: Advanced Options > Settings > Attendance Restrictions

Purpose: Within AccuCampus, you are able to restrict the locations, services, or staff members that users can access. Attendance restrictions allow you to have prospective students, currently enrolled students, and alumni all within the same system and ensure that they only have access to the resources that are appropriate for their unique status within the institution. AccuCampus uses tags that are placed on users (typically students) which then allow attendance restrictions to be placed.

Page Options

This list shows all Restrictions established in Accucampus.

  • Create Restrictions - Please click this button to load a new page and create a new restriction.

Restriction List Options

Please notice that on the right-hand side of each row(restriction) there is a button:

  • Delete - Please click this button to erase this current Restriction.
After clicking DELETE a new screen confirming such action will appear, if you are sure you want to delete click OK, otherwise click cancel to go back.

New Restriction screen

This is the new/edit Restriction screen, please check thoroughly all options and click SAVE.

Enter all required information such as: Name, Details, Restriction on, Order, Action, Specific locations(this only shows for restriction on locations), Specific Services(this only shows for restriction on services), On Location, Specific Members(this only shows for restriction on specific Staff), On Location, To attendees, Specific Tags.

Classroom Attendance Reports

Summary of Attendance

Report Information Example Preview in PDF and XLS
Purpose: This report shows a summary of attendance for all students.
Available Filters: Date range, Page Number, Users in Group, Users with Roles,Specific Users, Locations, Courses/Seminars, Created/modified later than, Services, Staff Members.
Available Options:
Description: The report gives you a summary of the number of non-unique students seen and total time per course.

Report example preview:

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