Using iAccu with Accudemia


iAccu for Accudemia is used for portable attendance. Using an Apple© device such as an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, users download the iAccu app from the Apple store in order to enable attendance from that device. After the sign-ins and optionally sign-outs are recorded, then that information is synced with the Accudemia database.

Sample sign in and sign out process

In this example, students will sign into Violin and Clarinet practice in the Music Room. The Subject Areas, Services, Instructors, and/or possibly Tutors the student will pick is setup in Accudemia. Using a QR code, the sign-ins and sign-outs are captured then synced with Accudemia.

Accudemia is the default software and has been pre-selected in the “Connect to” area. After verifying it is selected enter the Accudemia account credentials such as Domain, User ID, and Password. Domain is the first part of your institution's Accudemia URL. As an example if my account is then I would use “myschool” for the Domain. Now tap the Go button to open the app.

iAccu will sync with the database. The sync will ensure that the device has the latest data from the Accudemia database.

After the sync is complete, the main screen of iAccu will open. From that screen, Track Attendance is selected:

In the Track Attendance screen select Center attendance or Class Attendance.

Center Attendance is typically used but Class Attendance can be selected if tracking presence in a Classroom.

For the Tracking mode, you would either select Normal mode if you alone are collecting the swipes, or MDST mode if you are using multiple devices to collecting swipes in one center. In this example Normal is selected which is most common.

Since in this example, students will be signing into the Music Room, Music Room is pre-selected.

The Centers in iAccu correspond to the Centers you have setup in Accudemia.

Once the Center is selected, iAccu is ready for students to sign-in.

If you plan to scan a barcode to sign the student it, then tap the Scan button. However if you want to allow the student to enter his or her ID or are using a Magnetic Card then tap the Manual button. In this example, a QR barcode will be read from the device’s camera, so Scan is selected.

Once the ID is recognized, then iAccu will bring up a list of Courses that are assigned to the Music Room.

Clarinet is selected for the Subject Area. Next, a list of Tutors that are available to help the student with Clarinet are displayed. In this example, Bright, Cindy is selected.

Next, a list of Services are displayed. In this example, the student is coming in to get help with “Scales” for the Clarinet, so that is selected. Different Centers may have different Services.

Next, a list of Instructors are presented. Instructors in this case are the professors that teach Clarinet at my college. The Student would then select the Instructor who teaches his or her Clarinet class. In this case “Allen, Woody” is selected.

Now a sign in message will appear for the student, indicating that he is now signed into Clarinet.

iAccu is now ready to sign in the next Student. The process is then repeated as each Student signs-in to the Music Room. As each Student completes their lesson in the Music Room, they would then sign-out of iAccu and add any comments if you decide to collect them.

Now the Student taps the OK button and they are signed out.

Once the sign-ins and sign-outs have been collected, then you would sync the iAccu device back with Accudemia.

Done! now you can pull Reports > Visits to see the data or check the Session Logs section under Center Attendance in Accudemia.

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