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 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
-{{:​conferencetracker:​en:​logo.jpg?​nolink&​350|}} +<​html>​ 
-{{ ::​logo_1_.png?​nolink&​150|The Conference Tracker app is powered by Engineerica}} +<​h2>​For the best support possible we need to know who you are:</h2>
-====== Conference Tracker Documentation ======+
-Please make sure to check the Conference Tracker ​site [[]]. +<hr /> 
- +<h3 style='​font-weight:​ 500;'>​Conference Tracker</​h3>​ 
-[[conferencetracker:​quickstartct|Quick Start to Conference Tracker]] +<p> 
- + <a href="​2/​administrator"​ class='​btn-big'​ style="​margin5px;">​ 
-[[conferencetracker:​en|Conference Tracker Manual]] + Organizer 
- + </a> 
-[[conferencetracker:es|Conference Tracker Manual (Español)(ANTIGUA)]] + <a href="​http://​​docs/​doku.php/​conferencetracker/​2/​operator"​ class='btn-big' style="​margin:​ 5px;">​ 
- + Event Staff 
-[[conferencetracker:​ccc|Conference Cleanup Checklist]] + </a> 
- + <a href="​​doku.php/​conferencetracker/​2/​presenter"​ class='​btn-big'​ style="​margin:​ 5px;">​ 
-===== Conference Tracker in a Nutshell How-To Series ====+ Presenter / Speaker 
- + </​a>​ 
-This series will go through everything you'll need to know about setting up Conference Tracker through short, easy to watch videos. +</​p>​ 
- +<hr /> 
-To start watching, [[​list=PLYq4Bcd5ZvTKuXMxPzBqhyiIWhKPFjTQD|click here]]! +<h3 style='​font-weight:​ 500;'>​Conference ​Attendee</​h3>​ 
- +<p> 
-===== Conference ​Tracker Webinar Series ===== + <a href="​​attendee"​ class='​btn-big conferenceattendee'​ style="​margin:​ 5px;">​ 
- + Attendee 
-**[[​GnFVNbJFI3A|Conference Tracker ​Admin Quick Start Guide]]** + </​a>​ 
- + <a href="​"​ class='​btn-big conferenceattendee'​ style="​margin:​ 5px;">​ 
-//This video explores the many features and functions available to you in Conference Tracker And hopefully after watching this webinar you'll have everything you need to get your Conference Tracker account setup quickly!// + Moderator 
- + </a> 
-**[[​xcy4eqzJ780|Conference Tracker ​Online Registration Forms]]** +</p> 
- +<​hr ​/
-//This video explores how powerful the new online registration forms can be for your conference It includes how you can setup online payments, add donations, priced options, workshop/session registration so  you fill every seat, and more while your Attendees and/or Exhibitors complete their conference registration!// +<h3 style='​font-weight:​ 500;'>​Conference Leads</h3> 
- +<p> 
-**Conference Tracker - Importing Guide// - Coming Soon!//** + <a href="​http:​//​conferenceleads/​2/​exhibitor-admin"​ class='​btn-big conferenceleads'​ style="​margin:​ 5px;">​ 
- + Exhibitor Administrator 
-//This video explores all the different types of possible imports, their formatting, and how to make changes to the file if you run into a import file error.// + </a
-===== Featured Video ===== + <a href="​conferenceleads/​2/​exhibitor-rep" ​class='​btn-big conferenceleads'​ style="margin: 5px;"> 
- + Exhibitor / Vendor Rep 
-<html+ </​a>​ 
-<iframe width="600" height="​350"​ src="​" ​frameborder="​0"​ allow="autoplayencrypted-media" ​allowfullscreen></iframe>+</p>
 </​html>​ </​html>​
-**Conference Tracker in a Nutshell**\\ 
-//''"​Conference Tracker in a Nutshell - How to Complete Basic Information and Timezone"''​\\ 
-Not sure where to get started with setting up your account? Start with this video and jump down the rabbit hole!// 
-====== Conference Tracker App for Tracking Sessions ====== 
-[[https://​​store/​apps/​details?​id=com.engineerica.conferencetracker&​hl=en|{{ ::​iphone4_2_.png?​nolink&​200}}]] 
-[[https://​​us/​app/​conference-tracker/​id526069456|{{:​conferencetrackerappicon.jpg?​nolink&​120 |}}]] 
-If you are new to Conference Tracker App, check out our Quick Start to Conference Tracker App and Conference Tracker. That way you will be ready with boths system in a couple minutes: 
-{{ :​conferencetracker:​conference_tracker_app_-_operator_manual_3.0.0.pdf |Conference Tracker App Operator Manual}} 
-Need more help? Check out these additional documents: 
-{{ :​conferencetracker:​conference_tracker_app_-_quick_start_guide_6-27-18.pdf |Conference Tracker App Operator Quick Start Guide}} 
-{{ :​conference_tracker_app_-_administrator_advanced_options_6-28-18.pdf |Conference Tracker App Administrator Guide}} 
-===== Still have Questions? ===== 
-We offer email support during business hours by contacting [[mailto:​|]] or 
-at our Main Office via 321-214-0012 Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM (EST) Eastern Standard Time. 
-====== Offer the Conference Attendee App to your guests! ====== 
-[[https://​​store/​apps/​details?​id=com.engineerica.conferencetrackerattendees|{{ ::​iphone4_4_.png?​nolink&​200}}]] 
-[[https://​​us/​app/​conference-attendee/​id1119188069?​mt=8|{{::​ct-attendee-icon.png?​nolink&​120 }}]] 
-**Conference Attendee** will convert your Android and Apple devices into a powerful conference guide. Find sessions of interest, check out the exhibitors, and view your own attendance info - live. The first release of Conference Attendee offers the following features: 
-  - **Sessions:​** Browse sessions by name, speaker or location. Search for a specific session. Bookmark your favorite sessions for easy lookup at the conference. 
-  - **Exhibitors:​** Browse exhibitors by name, business category, or tag. Bookmark exhibitors of interest for easy lookup at the conference. Find exhibitor’s location in the exhibit hall. View exhibitor’s contact info and website. 
-  - **Conference Info:** View the conference website, find directions, get weather for the conference, find points of interest nearby, and more! 
-  - **Conference Announcements:​** This section keeps everyone updated on the latest information from the conference management and organizers. 
-  - **My Info:** Review your conference info and update it if needed. 
-  - **My Logs:** View your session attendance log and associated attendance credits, if any. 
-  - **Session Ratings:** Attendees can provide instant feedback about how a workshop/​session went. 
-  - **Events:​** ​ This area allows attendees to see special events that are going on at the conference beside the workshops/​sessions. 
-  - **Profile:​** Review your conference info, update your contact information,​ and upload your own avatar photo! 
-  - **Social Network:** Connect and collaborate with your fellow attendees and presenters with the ability to comment, post files, and message each other. 
-  - **Electronic Badge:** Forgot your badge? No problem! Display your assigned QR code straight from the app! 
-<​note>​**Conference Attendee** works with a cloud service provided by Engineerica. For more info visit [[http://​]].</​note>​ 
-If you want to make sure that this app is as helpful as it can be for them checkout this **Conference Attendee app - Admin Checklist**:​ 
-**[[conferenceattendee/​admin-checklist|Conference Attendee app - Admin Checklist]]**