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Post to Social Feed

As a presenter, you have access to post a message or a file to the social feed. This will allow for all the attendees to view your message, or to access your file that you want to share with them, or that incorporates with your presentation.


Manage Polls

This allows you to create polls, view created polls and their intended audience, and to view the results of the polls. To begin, click on Create in the top left corner. Here you will be able to enter the name of the poll, the description, the targeted audience (everyone, groups, registered to session, signed-in to a session), time limit to answer poll (can leave blank if there will be no time limit), an option to have answers be anonymous, and an option to show results to respondents after completing the poll.

Specify the question for this poll

Create the question name for the poll, and choose what kinda of question it will be. Types of questions users can choose from include:

  1. Open Text
    • This allows users to answer the question by writing their own response.
  2. Multiple Choice
    • This allows the user to create multiple questions for the user to select. This acts the same way as if it was a multiple choice question on a test. There is also an option to allow multiple answer choice selection for the multiple choice questions. Click Add Choice to give another answer option.
  3. Image Choice
    • This section is similar to the multiple choice question, but instead of text answer choices, these answers choices to be selected from are images. Click on the image icon to upload an image for the specific choice. Click Add Choice to give another answer option.
  4. 5 Stars
    • Here you can ask a question, and the users will answer by either selecting 1 Star, 2 Stars, 3 Stars, 4 Stars, or 5 Stars. The greater the Star, the more positive the response is.
  5. 3 Levels of Satisfaction
    • For this question, the answers choices will be either “Happy”, “Satisfied”, or “Unhappy”.
  6. Thumbs Up or Down
    • The answer Thumbs Up correlates to “like”, and Thumbs Down correlates to “do not like.”


Here you can edit the background and foreground color of your poll. Select on the color, and then choose your desired color from the color palette.

Schedule publish

Choose the date and time that you want the poll to be published to the users to complete.

View Results

Here you can review the results of your polls. If a poll has not been conducted yet, this page will state “There are no results available yet. Results will be available once a poll is answered at least by one respondent.”

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