Conference Tracker - Operator Quick Start Guide

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Operator Quick Start Guide

Logging into the Conference Tracker App

Operators will mainly be using the Conference Tracker app for session tracking, which is available on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store

Enter your conference information provide in the format below from your conference administrator:

  • E-mail:
  • Password: (Password will be provided)

Using Conference Tracker during a Workshop/Session:

1. Select correct Room

You should set the device to the Room you are located at for signing in/out attendees so the device can pull the schedule from the conference.

2. Select correct Session/Workshop (if necessary)

You may not have to set the correct session because it pulls this information from the schedule. If there is no Session shown or the wrong Session shown, please choose the correct one by: Tapping in the top left, tapping Workshops, and select the correct Session

3. Select correct Sign-in Mode

Once you have selected the correct session, you will have two options of signing people in: Scanning or Manually.

  • Scan - If you choose to sign people in through the Scan option, you will be able to use your phone's camera to scan the user's QR code, located on their badge.
    Note: While scanning, you will see an arrow towards the bottom of your screen. This arrow indicates whether you are in Check-In mode or in Check-Out mode. A green arrow pointing towards the right means you are currently signing people into a session, while a red arrow pointing towards the left indicates you are signing people out of a session.
  • Manually - If you choose to sign people in with the Manual option, you will have to input the user's Card Number manually. The Card Number will be located under their QR code on the user's badge. You will then select if they are signing in or out of a section in order to confirm the scan.

Swipes and Sync

On the home menu of the Conference Tracker app, you also have two more options, Swipes and Sync.


The Swipes section shows you every swipe you have submitted, whether scanned or input manually. You can use this section to verify that your swipes are being logged correctly.


The Sync option lets you upload/download all conference data. Any swipes you have collected since your last sync will be uploaded to the main conference server, while any new changes to the conference (session changes, schedule updates, etc.) will be downloaded to your phone.

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