This is where you can track where people are, what they are doing, and the Instructor they are with.

View/Edit Attendance Logs

In this screen you can see each attendee's sign-in logs in a list. As well as edit each part of the existing Attendance Logs as shown below:

  • Attendance Status - This is the first option displayed and shows the validity of the Attendance Logs which is explained further in the Filter Logs... section.
  • Attendee Name - This is displayed the name of the attendee
  • Workshop/Session - This displays the Session/Workshop the Attendee has attended.
  • Date: - This option displays the date of the attended Workshop/Session.
  • Time in the Session: - Next is displayed the total time spent in this Session/Workshop.
  • Percentage in the Session - Finally this displays the amount of time spent in the class based on the start/end times of the class and their sign-ins and sign-outs.

Read the next sections that cover all the buttons available on the Attendance Logs toolbar.

Create Log

The purpose of this section is not to track conference attendance as we have a much better system setup using our Conference Tracker App for Apple and Android devices but is used when you need to add logs that for some reason was not able to be scanned into the system via the app after the workshop has happened.

When you can click the Create Log button on the Attendance Logs toolbar this is what you can add:

  1. Assign the Attendance Log to an Attendee by searching for their name and selecting them in the results.
  2. Next choose a Workshop/Session that you want to create an Attendance Log for the Attendee.
  3. Then you'll need to set the proper date for this Attendance Log.
  4. Finally add the Sign-in and Sign-out Times (if requiring Sign-out) and click the Save button at the bottom of this page. There will be a preview of their timeline to ensure the times added make sense.

When you set the In/Out status and select the time including the AM/PM be sure to click the Add link on the end of each sign-in/sign-out for this log to save the sign-in or sign-out properly before proceeding to click the Save button at the bottom of this page. Notice that once this is done the Timeline shows correctly as well.

If the Date and In / Out Times does not match the actual Workshop date and is during the start/end times of this Session then the log you are creating may be considered as one of the errors called Duration less than minimum and the Attendee will not get credit until the log is corrected.

Swipe a Card

The purpose of the Swipe a Card button on the Attendance Logs toolbar is to add a log for an Attendee that you may have not been able to swipe-in/out at a workshop through the app. This feature may also replace the app to scan Attendees from a Computer but is not the preferred or recommended method. This is because the swipes entered in on this screen are recorded at the exact date/time they are entered.

This is not the ideal way to track attendance using Conference Tracker as additional hardware such as a barcode scanner may be required or you'll have to type in their ID numbers for each attendee manually. As well you cannot leave this screen unattended as it is not made to act as a kiosk tracking sessions without an device Operator or Administrator.

Here are exact steps to swipe-in/out Attendees to a Session/Workshop manually not using the Conference Tracker app (which is the preferred method):

  1. First, select the swipe Type of either Sign-In or Sign-Out.
  2. Next, type in the Session/Workshop name to search and select an available Session/Workshop you want to track.
  3. Now type or swipe the Attendees' ID number/magstrip/barcode to enter it in the Attendee box.
  4. Finally you must click the Save & Swipe Again button to save this swipe.

The first 2 options will remain selected to allow you to simply swipe or type the next Attendees' ID number/magstrip/barcode to enter it in the Attendee box.

View Raw Swipes

This screen displays the made swipes. A “Missing data” is displayed when an unknown attendee made a swipe in a workshop or a Room. You can place a check in the box next to “Show only unresolved swipes” to view all of the swipes that are “Missing data” or “Unresolved” at the moment. An operator can help by inputting comments while swiping in each Attendee. If they added some information to help resolve the swipe you can see the follow items:

  • When: Displays the date ant time of the swipe.
  • Card#: Displays the card number and the name of the attendee assigned to.
  • Room: Display the room where the swipe was made.
  • Attendee: Displays the name of the attendee.
  • Workshop: Displays the session where the swipe was made. Also displays any operator comment.

If you want to go back to the Attendance Logs from this screen click the View Logs button.

Fix Swipes

Some scans during a conference may end up being a Unresolved Swipe. Unresolved Swipes are instances of scans that were successfully taken, but the scan could not be assigned to an attendee. This usually occurs if the device that is scanning attendees is not Synced properly or if the Operator made a mistake while entering an attendee manually. Clicking on Resolve will show the complete list of Unresolved Swipes.

You will be able to see the Date, Time, Session, and Card Number of the scan. Typically, the system will automatically be able to match up the number with an attendee, and the option to Use *Attendee Name will appear to the right of the log. This will automatically resolve the swipe and place it in the Attendance Logs section of the website.

However, if the system could not match the number to an attendee, you will instead have a search box to the right of the log. You will have to determine yourself who the attendee is and assign the log to them.

It is important to resolve these swipes, as attendees with unresolved swipes will NOT earn credit for attending the session.

Fix Logs

You can use this tool to bulk fix all logs in a specific session. You have these options available to you and they can be used one at a time or in combination with each other:

  • Remove swipes before the session started: This will will remove any swipes done before the session start time.
  • Remove swipes after the session ended: This will remove any swipes done after the session end time.
  • Create swipe at the beginning of the session: This will create an “In” swipe at the session start time.
  • Create swipe at the end of the session: This will create an “Out” swipe at the session end time.
  • Change all swipes close to the start to be a sign-ins (in a 10' frame): Any swipe within a 10 second time frame of the session start time will be converted to an “In” swipe.
  • Change all swipes close to the end to be a sign-outs (in a 10' frame): Any swipe within a 10 second time frame of the session end time will be converted to an “Out” swipe.

After selecting the changes you want to be made on the logs, select a session from the Session field and then choose the type of Invalid log you want changed.

Once complete, select Apply Changes at the bottom of the page.

This tool can NOT be used to create swipes. It can only be used to modify existing swipes.

Filter Logs...

Now if you want to only see the logs needing correction then click the Filter Logs button and select one of the following options:

  1. Duration is less than minimum - This just means they were not there for the required percentage of time to get credits.
  2. Not Signed-in - This means that the Attendee did not swipe-in to the Workshop/Session and needs to have a swipe-in added to their log for that particular Workshop/Session.
  3. Not Signed-out - This means that the Attendee did not swipe-out to the Workshop/Session and needs to have a swipe-out added to their log for that particular Workshop/Session.
  4. Multiple Swipes - Having 2 sign-ins, 2 sign-outs, or a sign-out before a sign-in, etc.

More Actions

This section describes clickable options that are available on each of the individually listed of Attendance logs.

Edit Log

Simply click the Attendees name on any of the given logs to make changes or correct errors on their Attendance Log. You'll notice this option being used quite frequently while correcting the Attendance Logs using the Filter Logs... options.

Delete Log

This option is located on the far right of every individual Attendance Log and is not recommended unless needing to cleanup test Attendee scans in/out of a test Session prior to the conference.

This option is permanent and will not be recoverable. If you happen to click on this option by accident simply click the cancel option in the pop-up window to stop the removal of the selected log. Realize an Attendance Log is a collection of all the sign-ins and sign-outs for an Attendee to a specific Session. So if they are deleted you would have to add all these Swipes back into the system manually (that is if you can even recall the Attendee and what Session they belonged).

Conference Analytics

This is a great tool to analyze the effectiveness of your workshops based on the volume of Attendees participating in the workshops. This may also help to determine what days or times of the day during the conference were the busiest in order to staff more Operators or Administrators to help. This may also help when trying to balance the usage of the rooms during the conference. With this information you may notice that you have rented too many rooms or not enough.

Visits by Day

In this first chart you will see a line graph of the busiest days during your conference.

Visits by Room

This is a chart where you see a pie chart showing usage of the Rooms during your conference.

Top 50 Workshops

In this chart you will see a list of the highest attended workshops during your conference.

Visits by Time of Day

In this final chart you will see the busiest hours of the days during your conference.

Email Broadcast

This is a great new tool to communicate with any group of users from Administrators, Exhibitors, Presenters, and more! At the same instance you can e-mail just one specific attendee or even just a couple of them. Maybe you have received their registration but not their dues or deposit then simply write them an e-mail directly in Conference Tracker. As you can see from the e-mail below they are sending a message out to all Presenters thanking them for their help at the conference.

Just like in the Badge & Certificate Designers you can add Keywords to display the name of a Presenter, the workshops they attended, etc. This can all be done using Keywords such as:

  • $FullName$
  • $Title$
  • $Company$
  • $PhoneNumber$
  • $Email$
  • $Workshops$
  • $Credits$
  • $City$
  • $State$
  • $StreetAddress$
  • $ZipCode$


This function allows you to send a notification to every attendee using the Attendee app. If push notifications are enabled on their devices, it will appear as one. Attendees are also able to access past announcements using their app. Twitter integration is also possible, allowing tweets to be sent as live announcements.

Creating an Announcement

You can send an announcement immediately or schedule announcements to be sent automatically at certain times. Follow these steps to create an announcement:

  1. Enter the title of the announcement. This is the message that will be displayed when the attendee first sees the announcement.
  2. Optionally, you can enter additional text to the announcement. The attendee will be able to read this additional text if they open the announcement on their app.
  3. Choose who will receive this announcement. The default setting is to send the announcement to every attendee. However, you can choose to send the announcement to a specific attendee, as well as to the attendees of a specific session.
  4. Choose when to send the announcement. If you have the setting set to Now, simply finish the announcement by clicking on the Send Now button. If you choose to schedule a date and time, you must select a day and time to send the announcement on. Click on Schedule to finish scheduling your announcement. Conference Tracker will automatically send out the announcement at the appointed time.

You can view all past and future announcements made by clicking on View All Announcements.

If you schedule an announcement, make sure that it is exactly how you want it. You can not make changes to an announcement once you've scheduled it.

Session Evaluation

This section allows you to create satisfaction surveys for your attendees to take. Surveys can only be completed by attendees using the Attendee app. Attendees will be asked to complete a survey upon entering a session, but they can also manually access uncompleted surveys using their app. Each survey question can be answered using a number scale of 1 to 5. You can customize two different surveys: the default survey and the session specific survey. The default survey is asked instead if you don't create a session specific survey for a certain session. You also have the option of restricting attendees from earning credits until they've completed a survey.

  • General Configuration: You will be able to enable and disable session evaluations here by either marking or removing the check on the Enable session evaluation surveys box. Marking the Allow open comments box will give the attendees a chance to write a text comment at the end of each survey.
  • Customize default survey: This section allows you to create the questions for your default survey.
  • Customize session survey: This section allows you to create the questions for each session. Search up the session you would like to create a survey for and you will be able to change the questions asked on the survey.

Survey Results

You have the ability to see the results of your surveys in three ways:

  • Summary Report: This report will display a list of every session that had at least one survey completed for it. It shows the average ratings for each session and also will indicate how that average compares to the average ratings of the entire conference.
  • Evaluations by Session: This section will allow you to search up a specific session and generate an average ratings report for the specified session.
  • Analytics: This section will allow you to access a ratings distribution chart for each question asked at each session. Simply click on the plus sign next to each question to display the chart. It also displays the number of attendees that answered each question and survey. You also have the option of printing out the report.

Check In Stations


This function allows you to create stations on your device that can be set up for attendees to self check in. The Check In Station is installed directly onto the web browser. Attendees simply need to search themselves on the station by using their email address and last name. Administrators are allowed to enable or disable several options on the station:

  • Allow Badge Printing: Set whether or not attendees will be able to print their badges from the station.
  • Allow updating contact information: Set whether or not attendees will be able to change their registration information.
  • Allow new registrations: Set whether or not attendees will be able to register for the event at the station.
  • Show captcha on registration screen: Set whether or not a Captcha should be shown at the end of the registration process.

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