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Conference tracking made easy™

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Conference Tracker is a simple web-based event tracking software solution allowing you to track your attendees’ attendance at workshops, utilize a powerful ID badge system for easy scanning, print or email completion certificates, and much more! Using the system is easy as following these 3 simple steps!

  1. Set up your Conference prior to the event.
    • Easily upload or enable online registration for attendees and customize your conference attendance options to your tracking needs.
  2. Record attendance during the event.
    • Scan attendees' conference badges to record attendance at the workshops.
  3. Print or Email Certificates & reports!
    • Print-out customized attendance reports and even email customized certificates to conference attendees after the event wraps up so they can view their attendance.


Conference Tracker will save you a lot of time and effort by automating the attendance tracking and reporting process for your conference. This automated system will increase the accuracy of your data. Here are some of the benefits of this system:

  • Badge Designer: Design your conference badge and easily print it for your attendees.
  • Quick Sign-in: To record the attendance data simply scan the attendee badge using the Apple or Android device's camera. An optional barcode reader or magnetic stripe readers are also supported. Scanning a badge only takes seconds and is much faster than using pencil and paper to record attendance.
  • Quick reports: The attendance data then is sent to your online Conference Tracker portal on the Amazon Cloud. The attendance data is transferred in real-time while using an active Wi-Fi or Mobile Internet connection. Simply log in to your online Conference Tracker account to view the attendance reports.
  • Global Accessibility: You can sign in to the system and view the attendance reports from anywhere with just a web browser. This means you can view attendance reports remotely without having to be at the conference site.
  • Automatic Credit Calculations: Let Conference Tracker calculate the Continuing Education Units (CEU) or Professional Development Credits each attendee earned for attending the conference sessions.
  • Attendance Certificates Designer: Use Conference Tracker to create your own customized attendance certificates. Create the layout and text and add signatures and graphics. Conference Tracker will automatically add each attendee's name and attendance credits.
  • Easy Certificate Delivery: You can print out the attendance certificates and pass them to attendees, or you can leave the delivery to Conference Tracker.
  • Convenient Communications: Conference Tracker also includes a Messaging Center that allows you to send messages to attendees via email, cellular SMS text messaging, or at sign- in!

Conference Tracker Overview

Use Conference Tracker to automate attendance tracking for conferences, seminars, workshops, and training sessions.

Conference Tracker is web-based system hosted on the Amazon Cloud. To use it, all you need is a web-browser! There is no need to buy/rent hardware if you have Apple or Android devices to install the Conference Tracker app onto and access to the system is immediate and global since the software service is accessible via any online connection. To track conference attendance, simply download the free Conference Tracker app on your Apple or Android devices and login using the account credentials provided with purchase. This app converts your Apple or Android device into a powerful attendance tracking scanner. The attendance data is then transmitted to the Conference Tracker server on the Amazon Cloud. Once there, simply log in to your Conference Tracker online account with any web browser to view or print the attendance reports. If you like, you can also print out attendance certificates. Use this website to learn more about Conference Tracker. For a live demo or for any questions on how
Conference Tracker can work for you**, please contact us.

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