This is where you can add, view, and edit, Attendees. As well if you did not import the Card Numbers you can assign cards to them. Now with the Attendee Online Registration you can manage the Attendee Online Registration Form and view Registration Analytics. Manage Attendee Check-ins and Handouts that you want to monitor during the conference in this section as well.

View/Edit Attendees

This is where you can add, view, and edit attendees. You can view and manage their Companies and assign each Company a Sponsorship level.

Available Buttons

These Buttons are located in the top-left corner of the screen:

  • Create New - This allows you to create a new Attendee.
  • Groups - This allows you to manage your Groups.
  • Companies - This section is where you manage Attendee Companies
  • Hide/Show Search Filters - This will display options to search for Attendees in this list by First name, Last name, or Email.
  • Send Attendee App Login Instructions - This option will send an email to all attendees with instructions to log in and download the Attendee App. ONLY AVAILABLE IF ATTENDEE APP IS ACTIVE FOR ACCOUNT
  • Contact Info Analytics - This option will show you how complete the contact information for the attendees is.

View Filters

These Search Filters that are located in the top-right corner of the screen allow you to see only certain Attendees by role:

  • Administrators
  • Operators
  • Attendees

Create New Attendee

You can manually create new Attendees in case there's a Walk-in Registration, you simply need to add them, and/or if they were not included on your imported list. To create a new Attendee start by clicking the Create New button on the Attendees screen (Attendees > View/Edit).

Once you have entered all the required information and any other you want press the Save button to create the Attendee.

Attendees can be imported if you have a list of them with the minimum required information such as First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. A column for Middle name needs to be added although is not required to include any info. The Card Number can be added as well if you want to assign your own numbers. Learn how to import Attendees Click Here.

Import Attendees

Here's the place where you can import your attendees, your workshops, and everything to quickly get started. To make it as simple as possible we have defined a bunch of formats to follow. By creating a file as explained below, you can directly upload the file and Conference Tracker will recognize it as valid one, knowing completely what to do.

File Format

By now, only comma-separated-values (CSV) files are supported. This format is broadly supported by many application including Microsoft Excel; it also can be created using any simple text editor. In the first line of the file the headers must be included (check the list of valid headers below), then, the data must be included separating each column by a comma. In the case you need to write a comma in the data itself, you can prevent format errors by enclosing the full value in double quotes.

Valid Headers

To import attendees, you need to specify the following headers: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, E-mail, Card Number (This will be the number on the ID Badge Barcode)

Attendees Import

Download the example file(.csv)

Once you've got the CSV files prepared and ready, let's move on to uploading your files. To get here just click on the Import Sessions button from the Conference Sessions screen.

To import the CSV files you created you just have to click the upload a file button.

Browse your PC to find the CSV files and click open to upload and done! A confirmation will be at the bottom of the screen.

Engagement Rank

This section displays the level of the Attendees engagement points if you are using the Attendee app.

More Actions

  • View Registration - This option show the Sessions that the Attendee has registered to on the online registration form.
  • View Attendance - This option allows you to pull a quick Report on the Sessions attended by this Attendee.
  • Print Certificate - This option allows you to print the Certificate for just this Attendee.
  • Email Certificate - This option allows you to email the Certificate for just this Attendee.
  • Print Badge - This option allows you to print the Badge for just this Attendee.
  • Email Badge - This option allows you to email the Badge for just this Attendee.
  • Print CEU Report - This option allows you to print the CEU Report for just this Attendee.
  • Email CEU Report - This option allows you to email the CEU Report for just this Attendee.
  • Post to Social Feed - This option allows you to create a post as this Attendee (only available for the actual Attendee).
  • Delete - This option allows you to remove an Attendee from Conference Tracker if added in error.

View Attendance

To view the Attendee's Workshop/Session Attendance click the View Attendance link on the far-right of their listing in the list of the Attendees in the Attendees screen. You'll get a report like shown below that you can simply view or print.

Delete Attendees

To delete an Attendee just click on the delete link on the far-right of their listing in the list of Attendees in the Attendees screen.

All Attendance Logs Associated with this attendee will become orphaned from this user even if they are re-added later. The Exports and Attendance Logs may still reflect this information but if you recreate them later after being deleted they will not show in the Attendance Details section with the previously associated logs.


This page will allow you to manage your groups. Groups allows you to filter attendees into different batches. After creating a group, you can then print or email badges, QR labels, certificates, and CEU reports based on group.

Create a Group

You can create new groups manually or by importing them. To begin manually creating a new group, click on the Create New button. From there, simply enter in a group name (optionally, you can also enter a description) and click Save to finish creating your group.

To delete a group, click on the Delete button to the right of the group you want removed.

Assigning Members

To begin adding members to your group, click on the Members option to the right of the group you want to add members to. From there, you can begin searching attendees using the search bar. Once you've found the attendee you want to add to the group, click their name from the drop down menu and then the Add User button. They will be added to the group list.

To remove members, click on the minus symbol to the left of the name you want removed.


This is a list of all Attendees', Exhibitors', Presenters', Operators' and Administrators' Companies.

This is primarily used for Exhibitors' Companies so you can view/manage their Sponsorship Level, help them create their Conference Leads Survey/Questionnaire, and view their Conference Leads limits (The amount of Exhibitors for each Company that are licensed to use the Conference Leads app).

Create New Company

Typically the Company will never need to be created manually if you are importing your Users (Exhibitors and Attendees) or having each sign-up/register online through Conference Tracker's Online Registration. If you have to create a Company simply:

  1. Click the Create New button.
  2. Fill-out the required fields (Company Name).
  3. Finally click the Save button when complete.

More Actions

These are the additional options available in the Companies screen as shown below:

Edit a Company

To edit a Company you simply need to click on any of the Company names in the list.

View Limits

To view the Conference Leads License Limits of a company simply click the View Limits link below the Company name on any one of the Companies listed in this screen. This will be based on how many Conference Leads Licenses the Exhibitor's Company purchased.

View Representatives

Clicking this option will take you to a list of all of the selected company's representatives attending the conference.

Edit Leads Survey

The Conference Leads Survey is a unique set of questions per Company that they ask Attendees who stop by their booth using the Conference Leads app. To view/edit the Conference Leads Survey for a Company you can click the Edit Leads Survey link on the Company listed in this screen.

Delete a Company

To delete the Company simply click the Delete link on the far right-side of any one of the Companies listed in this screen. You'll be prompted to confirm to prevent accidental deletions.

These Sponsor Types or Sponsorship Levels were created to allow you to assign each Company a Sponsorship level in Conference Tracker.

Create New Sponsor Type

  1. Click the Create New button.
  2. Fill-out the required fields (Sponsor Type Name).
  3. Finally click the Save button when complete.

Edit a Sponsor Type

Simply click the Name/Title of the Sponsor Type in the list of Sponsor Types to change it's attributes.

Delete a Sponsor Type

To delete one of these Sponsor Types if added in error you can click the Delete link on the far right-side of every listed Sponsor Type. Confirm the message and done!

Contact Information Analytics

How to access: Attendees > View/Edit > Contact Information Analytics

Statistics below give you an idea of the quality of the data in the system.

Online Registration

How to access: Attendees > Online Registration

This is where you can create the registration form for the attendees to fill-out and also approve the attendees once they start completing the online registration form. Here is an example of a registered attendee who completed the online form:

In order to use this feature you must first go to the Basic Info under the Conference section and check the box for Enable Attendee Online Registration and save. While there you can also enable registration for exhibitors/vendors.

Create/Edit Registration Form

If you have already enabled Online Registration you can now edit your registration form by clicking the Edit Registration Form button. Here you can add your own custom fields in addition to the default fields in the system. There are 7 types of fields:

  1. Textbox - The purpose of this item is simply if you want to get a text response from the registrant.
    • Properties:
      • Required - Use this option to make a response required (Yes) or optional (No).
  2. Price - The purpose of this item is to allow your registrant to add any price value to their final payment (Typically used for donations).
    • Properties:
      • Required - Use this option to make a response required (Yes) or optional (No).
  3. Password - This item is basically a text box that hides the characters and could be used to hide sensitive information. Note: You'll get 2 fields so the user will have to verify the information.
    • Properties:
      • Required - Use this option to make a response required (Yes) or optional (No).
      • Minimum length - Use this option to set the minimum length required for the password.
  4. Listbox - The purpose of this item is to allow the registrant to select one or multiple item(s) from a list of options. Note: You can now add prices to these options to be tallied on final payment.
    • Properties:
      • Required - Use this option to make a response required (Yes) or optional (No).
      • Multiple selection - Use this option if you want the registrant to have more than one selection.
      • Allow Prices per Option - Use this option if you want to associate prices with each list item that will be added to their final payment.
  5. Checkbox - The purpose of this item is to allow the registrant to check a box on the registration form (typically used to confirm consent).
    • Properties:
      • Required - Use this option to make a response required (Yes) or optional (No).
  6. Section Title - The purpose of this item is to separate portions of the form with headings.
  7. Explanatory Text - The purpose of this item is to provide additional information to registrants while they are completing the form.

To add them simply click the button on the far right to add each of the field types. To edit the text simply click the text to the left of the field. To delete a field click the red ball to the right of the field as shown below. Be sure to save after your are done with the Save button at the bottom of the form.

You can now mark sessions for online registration. Marked sessions will appear on the Conference Tracker online conference registration form. Attendees will see a description of these sessions and will be able to sign up for them. The software will keep track of the registrations and will allow attendees to register until the room reaches its full capacity!

Click here to learn more about how to enable this feature.

Registration Options

The other options aside from editing the registration form you have here allow you quickly confirm all registrations using the Confirm All button and the Share Option.

Confirm All

Confirm All could possibly be used if you want to quickly add every received registration form regardless of it's phase. This will make more sense after reading The Registration Process section below.


This area allows you to get iframe html code to add the registration form to your own website, offers quick Social Media options to share information about registering for the conference, and finally a direct link that you can e-mail to possible attendees so they can register for the conference.

Send Payment Instructions

Use this button to send all the pending attendees the payment URL/information to complete the process through PayPal. This is only necessary if you are using PayPal through Conference Tracker and online payments are activated.

The Registration Process

This area can get confusing for first time users so this next section is here to help clarify the process of Attendees registering for the conference.

The next topic to discuss is the life-cycle of a registration goes through several phases in this order:

  1. Pending or With Error
  2. Paid & Pending (Can be skipped if you set to auto-accept paid registrations.)
  3. Accepted or Discarded.

Pending or With Error


This means that the Attendee has filled out the registration form but it has not been approved. This phase is when the attendee has not paid for the Conference. From here you can select the option on the Attendee's line to “Send Payment Instructions” as pictured above.

With Error

These are the registration forms that have been completed with errors. Several examples may be the e-mail address was formatted incorrectly like “mi” or the phone number is missing a digit like “407-555-555_”. Here you'll have the ability to make these corrections.

Attendees will only show up in this phase if “Auto-accept when payment received” is not turned on in the conference settings. Here you can manually accept the Attendees who've paid their registration fees.

Accepted or Discarded

These are lists of all the Accepted Registrations and Discarded ones you chose to delete.


This is a list of all the Accepted Registrations.


This is a list of all the Registrations Discarded you chose to delete.

You can look at each of these using the dropdown box labeled View in the top right of the Online Registration screen (pictured in the screenshot above).

Click here to go back to the Quick Start Guide.

Registration Analytics

Run this handy tool to know things like most popular session/workshops based on sign-ups, responses to meal plans or other custom questions, and number of attendees per session. Use this for better planning for your conference. Below is an example of what this data may look like based on a sample registration form.


In this section this is where you Check-in Attendees for the conference and give them handouts you previously created in the conference details section. Each time you check-in a person you can provide additional comments about the Attendee.

Closed Check-in

This simply means that today is not one of the dates of the Conference as Check-ins can only be done during the Conference dates. This means if you plan on doing Check-Ins the night before be sure to include that date in the Basic Info section of your Conference Tracker account.

Open Check-in

This would display on the dates of the conference and allow you to Check-in Attendees to pickup their Handouts and provide any last minute notes. To do this follow the process below:

  1. Type the name of the attendee and if registered they should show up in the list. And now select their name in the list.
  2. Once selected check of the items they are picking up from your area and provide any notes regarding the person and or comments. This could be as simple as “Had to register and create badge for this person.” etc.
  3. Finally click the Save button at the bottom of this page to get a confirmation message.

At this time if there were any notifications setup to go out they would be triggered and send the e-mail notification messages out.

New-Arrival Notifications

These are reminders that can be created when a special needs and/or VIP person arrives so you or others can be notified.

Create Notification: Use the Create Notification link in the orange box in the top-right corner of the screen to initiate a new Notification.

Edit Notification: Use the View Notifications button at the top of the page or use link in the orange box in the top-right corner of the screen entitled “View all notifications” to modify an existing Notification.

Delete Notification: When viewing all the notifications you can click the Delete link on the far right of the notification itself and confirm the OK in the popup message to delete an existing notification.

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