Conference Leads - Quick Start

Want to print this Administrator Quick Start Guide? Then download it here:

Conference Leads - Administrator Quick Start (PDF)


Register using the link sent to you by your conference organizer. You will create your user login information during the registration process.

You can locate your domain in the registration link:

The email address (username) and password entered here will be used to login to your Conference Leads app and web portal. Be sure to store your password in a secure place. If the administrator will be using the Conference Leads, check the box called “Enable Conference Leads.” If the administrator will not be using lead retrieval, then the first box should remain unchecked.

To register for lead retrieval licenses, check the Register Representatives box and check the Enable Conference Leads for each representative.


After registration you will need to access your web portal go to and login using your registration information.

If you forgot your password click “Forgot Password” to reset it. These login credentials are the same for accessing the Conference Leads app.

Create Passwords

Click on Exhibitor Representatives to create secure passwords for your reps.

For security purposes we do not email passwords. Be sure to create your representatives password in a secure place and provide them with their credentials.

Custom Qualifying Questions

Only the Leads Administrator has access to creating the survey. It is recommended that the qualifying questions are produced prior to the show and not changed once any leads have been captured.

To create custom qualifying questions on the app you'll need to click on Leads > Edit Leads Survey in the web interface first.

The Leads Survey allows you to add any text, lists, checkboxes, and options such as required responses for a question in the survey.

These questions will be available on the Conference Leads app to each license holder once a lead has been captured.

Leads Analytics

Also under Leads you’ll find Analytics. These analytics illustrate who on your team captured the most leads for the company.

This data can be printed out my clicking the “Print Report” button at the top of the page.

Export Leads

Under Advanced Options select Export Data. This is where you can download an ExcelCSVHTML file format of the leads for your entire Company including the Representative who captured the lead at the conference.

Now simply upload the data to your CRM or other databases as needed.

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