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Conference Leads - Exhibitor Representative FAQ / Knowledge Base

  1. How do I login and scan attendees into the leads application?
    • To login, go to the Leads application and sign in with the email and password you registered with.
    • To automatically scan attendees as leads, click “Scan” and align the QR code of the attendee's badge. If this is successful, their information will be inputted into your Leads list. You will taken to your customized Leads survey, pre-filled with any information available from that attendee's profile. You can fill out the res yourself with the help of the attendee of course.
    • If an attendee does not have a badge, or you cannot find their profile by using your scanner, you can always manually capture a lead by pressing the Manually icon. Once pressed, you will be shown a blank Leads survey that you can fill out with that person's information.
  2. How do I update the application with new information from the server?
    • To update the application with new information that Administrators have added into the conference, click the “Sync” button. The Sync icon will upload/download any new information to the server. This includes newly captured leads or any changes to the conference itself.
  3. How can I view and email out collected leads?
    • Clicking on “email leads” will automatically send an email to your registered address with the information for all the leads you have collected.
  4. Where can I view analytics on the acquired leads?
    • On the conference tracker website, you can view analytics on the acquired leads.
    • View analytics on all the Leads collected.
      • General- Numerical data on the leads consisting of:
        • Companies with conference leads
        • Attendees Checked in
        • Total Attendees
        • Attendees scanned with conference leads
        • Leads generated by conference leads
        • Average number of leads per exhibitor
        • Percent of attendees captured by conference leads.
        • Average number scans per leads captured with conference leads.
      • Leads by date- Display either a line chart, or a table to view this data.
      • Leads percentage by representative- View the percentages of leads acquired by each individual in either a pie chart, or a table.
      • Leads by representative- View the numerical value of leads by each representative in either a pie chart, or a table.
      • Leads by time of the day- Display either a line chart, or a table to view this data.
For more information, view the Exhibitor Representative Manual

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