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 ====== Conference Attendee - Attendee Quick Start Guide ====== ====== Conference Attendee - Attendee Quick Start Guide ======
-Thank you for using our Conference Attendee ​App!+Attendees will need to use the Conference Attendee ​app for accessing the conference social feeds, viewing sessions offered, seeing conference maps, complete surveys, and more You can download and install the app from  [[https://​​us/​app/​conference-attendee/​id1119188069|iOS App Store]] and the [[https://​​store/​apps/​details?​id=com.engineerica.conferenceattendee&​hl=en|Google Play Store]]
-{{ :​conferenceattendee:​2:​attendee:ctquickstartguide.png?​direct ​|}}+Download this guide here: 
 +{{ :​conferenceattendee:​2:​moderator:ca-attendee-quickstartguide.pdf |Moderator Quick Start Guide}}
 +{{ :​conferenceattendee:​2:​moderator:​ca-attendee-quickstartguide.png?​nolink |}}
- +[[..attendee|Back to Attendee Guide]]
- +
- +
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-[[:​conferenceattendee:​attendee|Back to Attendee Guide]]+