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What's new in AccuTrack 2017?

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December 2, 2016

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Welcome to AccuSQL / AccuTrack 2017

We are excited to present to you this latest release of the software. This time we spent a good deal of time working on modules that allow tutors, advisors or other staff to create their own appointment schedules through the Web Gateway MVC module. After schedules are submitted, then AccuSQL system administrators can review course coverage, modify the submitted schedules as needed and then approve them. Once approved, they can then broadcast the schedule to all members via email. Tutors/advisors further have the ability to set particular blocks of time as preferred blocks when they are building their schedules.

If staff are using custom schedules, the can create override schedules that sit on top of the regular semester schedules. These custom schedules can be entered either from the Tutor Pad or via Web Gateway MVC.

Other improvements include enhanced local lab support in several areas, the ability to copy existing seminars to new, a new media renewal features, enhancements to the activity and student groups imports, and numerous interface enhancements.

Please read further to review additional details about all of the new features.

Best Regards,

The AccuSQL/AccuTrack Team

Schedule Builder

New for version 2017 is the ability for tutors, advisors, and/or staff to submit their own schedules via Web Gateway MVC. Those of you who build appointment schedules each semester to determine when tutors are available to assist with the activities in your center know that this can be a tedious and time consuming process. We have addressed that issue by enabling tutors, advisors and/or staff to submit their own schedules via Web Gateway MVC.

First you setup the date range when the submitted schedules will be valid. Using this approach, you can setup schedule periods for now and also in advance.

Tutors/advisors/staff can then login to Web Gateway MVC and then select the Availability Information option to create their proposed schedules.

AccuSQL/AccuTrack system administrators use the Schedule Builder screen to review the submitted schedules and then assign those schedules.

While the schedules are being built, they can be saved as a draft schedule. When the schedule is finalized, it can then be used as the default schedule. And then it can then be sent via email to every tutor/advisor/staff member who has a schedule approved using the Broadcast Schedule option.

Admins have the ability to override the proposed schedules as required by selecting if a period is available, preferred, or not available and then dragging in the Availability Data grid.

They can also review the coverage for any selected course and block of time by clicking on a block in the Course Coverage screen. Further they can quickly determine how may staff members are assigned for a given block on any day of the week and also the total hours that are being allocated for the days of the week as a whole.

Custom Availability Scheduling

If you allow tutors to enter custom schedules, you now have the option to present either the traditional Tutor Schedule screen or you can allow tutors to use the new Availability Data screen to enter custom schedules. In AccuSQL, the schedule creator you decide to use (or not) is available from the Tutor Pad:

Custom schedules can be used standalone or can be used as override schedules that overlay the regular (semester) schedules. The Availability Data custom schedules are entered on a weekly basis by the tutor, advisor, or other staff members.

If custom schedules are created using Availability Data or using the traditional Tutor Schedule screen, the data is updated automatically to both screens.

In Web Gateway MVC, tutors can use the Custom Weekly Availability option to set any custom schedules. Custom schedules are entered by week and are appended to any schedules added using the Schedule Availability screen.

Campus Roost

When students sign in to AccuSQL/AccuTrack the first time, they are presented with a screen where they can sign up for a portal called Campus Roost that enables students to share ideas, post messages, and exchange information.

If the student clicks Email me more info, then they will be sent a verification email to access the site and set a password. One logged in, they will have access to information posted by their peers, be able to post their own information and communicate with each other.

Lab Specific Appointment Reminders and No-Show Notifications

As we continue to move towards complete and autonomous Local Lab control of the backend setup options in AccuSQL/AccuTrack, we have now added the ability to create appointment reminders and noshow notifications at the Local Lab level:

Copy Seminar to New

As you may recall, in version 2016 we added the ability to collect seminar attendance either through AccuSQL/AccuTrack itself or via the Sign-in Tab. To make seminar creation easier for the user, we added the ability to copy any seminar to a new one with the click of a button. When copied to new, all the pertinent information is pre-filled automatically. This functionality is a real time saver for those institutions that host the same seminars or workshops on a recurring basis throughout the semester.

Media Renewal

In the Media Checkout screen, you can review any media items that are overdue. New for version 2017, you can now renew the late media items to extend the due date directly.

Student Group Imports

New for version 2017, when you import into a Student Group, you now have the ability to overwrite the existing group. What that option is selected, the current students in the group will be dropped from the group and then re-populated with only the students currently present in the import file.

Activities Min/Max Duration Import

When you import activities in AccuSQL/AccuTrack 2017, you now have the ability to map the minimum and maximum appointment duration for each activity. This option comes in handy if you have appointments that have custom appointment minimum and maximum duration set that are different than the globally defined min/max settings in Appointments Options. If defined at the activity level, the min/max for the activity overrides the global parameters.

Enhanced Semesters Grid

In previous versions of AccuSQL/AccuTrack, it could be quite time consuming to add the active (selected) activities available for a given semester. We have greatly enhanced the Semesters grid, so you can locate the exact activity (or group of activities) you would like to add for the semester. You can now sort the selected (or not selected) grids by category, activity ID, activity (name), activity other, and Active/inactive activities.

Show/Hide Inactive Records and Pin Settings

To make it easier to locate active data and hide that which is inactive, version 2017 has the ability for you to show/hide inactive records in several locations including;

  • Students
  • Categories
  • Activities
  • Tutors

You can further click the Pin icon to memorize the active or inactive display status so it will remain selected even if you exit and then later reopen the screen.

Select the Instructor Report to Send via Set Reports Schedule

Since version 2014, if you have the students select an instructor at sign in, you have had the ability to automate sending a report to all instructors to show center attendance for students in their classes. New for version 2017, you can now choose which instructor report you want to send. The Instructor Sessions report shows the student, subject, lab, and visit period along with any session notes and session questionnaire filled out by the tutor. The Attendance by Instructor report shows the sign in details along with lab, subtotals and grand totals for the reporting period.

Weekly Student Time and Weekly Student Visits Report Enhancement

When running either of these reports, which automatically export to Excel, they always had the week start on a Monday. In version 2017, the week start in the report is now determined by your settings in the System Options screen.

Set Students in Student Group or Tutors in Tutor Groups to Inactive

In the Student Groups screen, you now have the option to set all students in a group to Inactive. The student will remain in AccuSQL/AccuTrack with their records set to Inactive in the Students screen. You can now do the same for tutors in the Tutor Groups screen as well.

Delete Multiple Seminars

New for version 2017, you can select and then delete multiple seminars/workshops.

Chart Visits Tutors and Tutor Groups Filters

While it is always beneficial to see how busy your centers or labs are for any given period, you can now filter the Chart Visits report by Tutors or Tutor Groups.

The enhancement enables you to determine how effectively your tutors are being utilized by analyzing the Chart Visits pivot tables.

Increase Email Max Length for Students, Tutors, and Instructors

The maximum length of emails that can now be entered for students, tutors, and instructors is not increased from 40 characters to 100 characters.

Service Type Delete Checks

As with student records, tutor records, and categories & activities, delete verification has been added to Services. When you delete a service, if there are any associated records with the service, this system will ask you verify the delete and provide a list of records that will be affected if the delete is confirmed.

Filter Edit Sign in Logs by Active or Inactive Activities

An Active (Yes/No) column has been added to the Edit Sign in Logs Filters and also on the edit screen itself. Using this option, you can sort on only Active or inactive activities.

Appointments Only Customizable Message

If you select “Only allow appointment sign-ins (no walk-ins)” in the Appointment Setup Options, you now have the ability to customize the message presented to students if they attempt to sign into AccuSQL or AccuTrack without an appointment.

Web Gateway MVC Appointment Notes

We have added the ability for students to enter notes when they make an appointment in Web Gateway MVC.

Staff Panel Session Notes

While the ability to hide session notes not made by the currently logged in tutor was supported in previous versions of Staff Panel (formerly Quick Panel) it was also hiding the entire sessions from the display grid. The new version of Staff Panel allows other tutors, advisors, or staff to see sign in session that have taken place; only the notes and not the sessions themselves are hidden from view.

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