What's new in AccuTrack 2019?

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January 21, 2019

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Welcome to AccuSQL / AccuTrack 2019

There is quite a bit of improvement to expect in the latest edition of our AccuTrack and AccuSQL software suite. We always look to our users first for all these improvement ideas whether it is from our day-to-day interactions or suggestions made online through the User Voice. In this update there some amazing new features and an overall enhancement of our existing ones. We hope you enjoy using the new software as much as we enjoyed working on getting to implement these updates for the 2019 release.

Our most exciting new editions for the 2019 Version are definitely going to be the AccuTask Scheduler and the Reports Center. The AccuTask Scheduler allows for a more seamless process when it comes to scheduling automated tasks through AccuTrack/AccuSQL. While the Reports Center adds a new and intuitive feature to browse reports in order to find the best reports to suit your institution’s needs.

Other improvements include even more local lab support in several areas, including some additional report filters, and numerous other enhancements. Please read further to review additional details about all of the new features.

Best wishes,

The AccuSQL/AccuTrack Team

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