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 </​html>​ </​html>​
  \\ //''​[[https://​​94HOtVw7io0|"​Installing and Activating AccuSQL 2020"​]]''​\\  \\ //''​[[https://​​94HOtVw7io0|"​Installing and Activating AccuSQL 2020"​]]''​\\
-Learn how to install and activate your new 2020 %%AccuSQL%% software!//+Learn how to install and activate your new %%AccuSQL%% ​2020 software!//
 ---- ----
 **[[:​accutrack-accusql|Back to AccuTrack/​AccuSQL Guide Menu]]** **[[:​accutrack-accusql|Back to AccuTrack/​AccuSQL Guide Menu]]**