The Reports Center allows you to access all the pre-built reports that are available in AccuSQL and AccuTrack. From the main System Administration screen, click Reports Center on the right side of the screen to access all of the reports available.

How to navigate to Reports Center on the right-side menu of System Admin screen

This will open all of the pre-defined reports in AccuSQL or AccuTrack.

Reports Center screen

You may change the view from Column Mode to List Mode using the radio buttons located at the upper right-hand corner of the main Reports Center window.

Reports Center - List Mode vs. Column Mode

Select the Period in the lower left-hand corner. Click the thumbtack to lock down the selected Period. Select a Report category from the Standard tab in the upper left-hand corner

Reports Center - Period Filter

You can select from the different tabs at the upper left-hand corner to view Favorites, Customized, Memorized, and Scheduled reports.

Reports Center - 5 tabs explained (Standard, Favorites, Customized, Memorized, & Scheduled Reports

You can hover over a report with your mouse to view the Purpose, Available Filters, Display Options, Grouped by, Order, and Description of the report. This information will help you determine if the report will provide the specific data you are looking for and which filters can be used to narrow down on specific data. In the example below, we have selected List Mode view and hovered over the Visits By Activity Summary report.

Reports Center - List View Description explained

If you select Column Mode view and then hover over a report, the description is simplified down as demonstrated below.

Reports Center - Column View Description explained


By now, you may have noticed the following 5 icon buttons that appear below every report in Reports Center. They are viewable below every report in both Column Mode view and List Mode view. In order, from left to right, they are the Run, Export, Zoom, Add to Favorites, and Help icon buttons.

Reports Center - Buttons explained (Run, Export, Zoom, Favorites, Help)


The Run button will run the report and display it as a PDF.

Reports Center - Run Button

From here you can Save to PDF, Print the Report, and Email the Report as a PDF.

Reports Center - Report Preview


The Export button will export a report to Excel.

Reports Center - Export Button

Select the radio button next to Excel Direct.

Reports Center - Export Formats

You will see the Report generate in Excel.

Reports Center - Export Preview


The Zoom button will take you to the “zoomed-in” view of a report.

Reports Center - Zoom Button

From the Zoom view, you apply filters to a report. In this view, you will notice additional icon buttons below the image of the report. In order, from left to right, they are: Run, Export, Create Group, Schedule, Memorize, Customize, and Add to Favorites.

Reports Center - Zoom Screen

You can learn more about the Zoom view and its features by jumping to the Zoom View section of this manual.


The Add to Favorites button will add a report to your list of favorites.

Reports Center - Favorites Button

The report will show up in the Favorites tab of Reports Center

Reports Center - Favorites Tab


Clicking the Help button will show you a full description of the report.

Reports Center - Help Button

You will see small screen pop up with the Purpose, Available Filters, Display Options, Grouped By, Order, and Description information pertaining to a report.

Reports Center - Help Information Pop-up


As mentioned in the Zoom icon button section of this manual, the “zoomed in” view allows you apply filters to the report you wish to run, as well as other useful functions.

Reports Center - Zoom View

Notice the pin icon in the top right portion of the Filter On area. If you select a pre-defined Period from the drop-down box and then click the pin icon, every time you open the Reports screen, that period will automatically be selected for you. In the following example, the period of This Week has been pinned. So evert time the Reports screen is opened, This Week will automatically be selected.

Reports Center - Period Filter

Additional Filter On Options

When you select a report, the available data filters for that report will be enabled. To use one of these filters, first click on its check box, then, click on the “Set Filter” button that appears when you select that checkbox. A list of items will appear, select one or more of these items.

Reports Center - Additional Filters

For example, to restrict the report to a specific student or a selection of students, click on the “Students” check box:

Reports Center - Setting up a filter

Now, click on the “Set Filter” button. A list of students will appear. Select one or more students by clicking on the checkbox next to the name and click the “Done” button.

Reports Center - Setting up a filter (continued)

The selection list is actually a SuperTable control, so you can use the built-in search and sort capability of this control.
You can combine the available filters. For example, you can select to restrict the Activity Report to a selected student and a selected activity.
To remove a filter, simply clear the check box.

When you are ready to view the report, click the “Show Report” button on the bottom left of the Reports screen.

Reports Center - Running Filtered Report

Based on the filters you select (of any) you will see a list of the selected filters (or much of them we can display on one line) at the top portion of the report. Here a Visits By Activity report is displayed with filters set for a few different student and activities:

Reports Center - Filtered Report Preview

If you get a “No records during this period message, that means no data was returned for the search criteria specified and you should either increase your report period and/or modify or remove your additional search filters.


This toolbox bar will help you navigate through the report’s pages, print the report, export the report to PDF, search for specific text, and other functions Here is what these buttons do:

Button Function Button Function
Save report as a PDF file. Go to first page of report.
Print or Fax report. Go to previous page.
Email report. Go to page.
Zoom 100% Go to next page.
Show whole page. Go to last page.
Zoom to page width. Change zoom factor.
Zoom in. Page navigator.
Zoom out. Find text.
You can also use a different reporting engine for displaying the reports. The native engine displays the report faster and has a better alignment of lines and text on some of the reports. However, the native engine does not give you the option to save files to pdf as well as other features available in the enhanced engine as seen above.

Saving Report as PDF from reports Toolbox

To save the report as a PDF document, click on the icon. You will see this box:

The File Name box shows the default path and name for the report. The default path is the “PDF Files” folder in your AccuSQL/AccuTrack folder. The default name is the report’s name. You can change the path using the “…” button or by typing a new path. You can also change the report’s name.

You can also enter the document’s title, subject, author, and keywords. If you want to view the PDF file after saving it, check the “Open PDF” box.

Depending on the PDF viewer you are using (and it's settings) the PDF should open automatically.

Printing the Report from reports toolbox

You can print the report by clicking on the icon:

Start by selecting the printer using the Printer drop-down. If you like, you can make changes to the printer’s settings by clicking the “Properties” button. You can indicate whether you want to make color or black and while print-out, reverse pages (good for ink jets), or duplex. You can also indicate whether to select all pages, current page, or a page range, reduce the page size or print multiple pages per sheet using the “Pages per sheet” drop-down. When ready to print, click the “OK” button.

Faxing the Report from reports toolbox

You can fax the report directly from the Report engine by clicking on the icon:

Start by selecting your fax driver from the Printer drop-down box and click on “OK”. You should see your Send Fax software. Enter the name and fax number of the recipient and enter any other needed fields to send your fax.

E-mailing Reports from reports toolbox

You can email the report by clicking on this icon Email Report Icon. You will see this box:

Email Report Preview

The SMTP host and the “From” fields are filled out automatically from the entries in the Communications > Setup > Email Settings Options screen. Enter the recipient’s email address in the “To” field. The subject is set to the report’s name by default, but you can change that if you like. You can also enter a CC and BCC email addresses, select the message priority, and request a read receipt. The edit box at the bottom allows you to type in the message body. The report’s name and creation date and time appear there by default. When you’re ready to send the email, click “Send”.

Searching from reports toolbox

You can search for specific text in the report by clicking on the Find in Report Iconicon. You will see the Find box open in the bottom left portion of the report viewer screen.

Type the term you want to find in the “Find” box and any additional parameters, and then click the “Find” button. AccuSQL/AccuTrack will search for the term and will highlight any occurrences of it: