Several of our customers have contacted us asking why the total number of visits or visit times is not consistent in the various AccuSQL or AccuTrack Visits Reports. This article will shed some light on how the numbers are generated by the various reports. For this example, we will be focusing on the Visits Reports exclusively, but the same rules would apply to your Tutor Visits Tracking Reports and others.

In the test environment for this example I will be using a new blank database with no sign-ins ever:

I have created two students,

a Category called Coaching with 2 activities under it,

one tutor that has my two activities assigned to them and a schedule from 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday,

a semester that includes today and has the activities on the Selected side,

and finally, my Sign-in Setup » Setup options have the students selecting an activity and a tutor.

After all that is done, I will sign in the two students on the main screen. Joe will sign into Academic Coaching and Susie into Personal Coaching. I will sign them in only and not sign them out yet.

Now I will run some Visits Reports to see what the numbers look like:

Visits by Activity – 2 students no sign out time

Activities with Sessions – 2 students no sign-out time

Student Attendance – No records this period

Visits Summary – students served 0, visits 0, total time 0

Weekly Students Time – no records this period

Weekly Students Visits – no records this period

Chart Visit – no records this period

Service Type Usage & Service Type Usage (Activity Included) – 2 students no sign-out time

Visitor History – 2 students 1 visit each, no average period

Zero Visits – only shows built-in AccuTrack Guest account

New Visitors – 2 students

Visit Types – 2 walk-in visits

Interpreting the Numbers

As you can see from the reports above, some reports show data and some do not. That is because the records do not show up on some reports where students have not signed out yet. The reports where the students do not show up unless they have signed out (or are signed out by an admin or auto sign-out) are:

  • Student Attendance
  • Weekly Students Time
  • Weekly Student Visits
  • Chart Visits

Sign out and Rerun Reports

I will now sign the students out and rerun the same reports.

Visits by Activity (after sign out) – 2 students, sign-out time, period, and total time for category

Activities with Sessions – 2 students, and sign-out time

Student Attendance – 2 students, sign-in/out time, period, and total times

Visits Summary – students served 2, visits 2, total time 1.1

Weekly Students Time – 2 students, date, period (in minutes) grand total (in minutes)

Weekly Students Visits

Same as Weekly Students Time report

Chart Visits

Summation of Data:

  • Daily Sign Ins – 2
  • Hourly Sign Ins – 2, 12PM to 1PM
  • Daily Peak Hours – 4, 2 for 12PM to 1PM and 2 for 1PM-2PM Note: Since sign-ins were carried over from 12PM to past 1PM they are counted in each time block
  • Weekly Session Times – 1.1 Note: This is the total of the two sessions, take together was a little over 30 minutes each.
  • Daily Session Times – same as Weekly Session Times
  • Hourly Session Times - same as Weekly Session Times
  • Visits Per Activity – 1 for each activity
  • Returns – 2 returned 1 time
  • Session Statistics:

Service Type Usage & Service Type Usage (Activity Included) – 2 students, sign-out time, and period

Visitor History – 2 students 1 visit each, with average period

Zero Visits – only shows built in AccuTrack Guest account

New Visitors – 2 students

Visit Types – 2 walk-in visits with total time

Interpreting the Numbers

As you can see from the second run of the reports after the students had signed out, several of them will not display the data until after the sign out event takes place. The data will not show up in those reports until that time. Other reports (Visit Summary is a good example) include both a total count and a distinct count. For example, I signed in one of my students and signed them out again and now I will run the Visits Summary report:

Notice the Students Served number is 2 and the Visits number is 3. Students Served is the distinct count, so even though one of my students signed in twice, they are only counted as 1 distinct value, hence 1 visit from one student and 2 visits from another student is Visits=3 and Students Served=2.

Cross Checking Using Edit Sign in Logs

If you go to Student Visits Tracking » Edit Sign in Logs, it shows you every student sign in for the period you specify, whether the student has signed out or not. If you right click in the display grid, select Export and you can export the data directly to Excel.

If you want to get fancy, you can use a formula to get the total count:

Or do something I bit more complicated to get the distinct count: