Engineerica Systems, Inc. is committed to providing the best possible technical support for its products. This section describes the technical support resources available to you for free and for purchase.

New User Support

New AccuSQL/AccuTrack Deluxe customers are entitled to the following free technical support services:

  • AccuSQL/AccuTrack Documentation - You're here and it is always free.
  • AccuSQL/AccuTrack Priority Telephone and Email- 10 free Support Units good for 90 days from date of purchase.

AccuSQL/AccuTrack Support Forum

The AccuSQL/AccuTrack Support forum is an excellent place for your AccuSQL/AccuTrack questions. Questions on the Support Forum are answered by the AccuSQL/AccuTrack Team members and by other users. The Support Forum also has a News board that has the latest AccuSQL/AccuTrack news and announcements. There is also a Usage Tips section that will make your use of AccuSQL/AccuTrack even more powerful. The AccuSQL/AccuTrack Support Forum is always free for all AccuSQL/AccuTrack users.

AccuSQL/AccuTrack Priority Support

If you need support assistance on a priority basis after your free Priority Support expires, you can purchase AccuSQL/AccuTrack Priority Support. Priority Support can be purchased on a per-incident basis or on an annual basis. Priority Support provides the following support services:

  • Telephone support from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday.
  • Priority Response provides access to senior AccuSQL/AccuTrack staff.
  • Priority Email Support lets you submit support requests via email.

Our goal is to respond to Priority Support requests within 24 hours. If you need priority telephone support, call (407) 678-0936. Telephone support hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday.

You can also get Priority Technical Support via Internet email. Send Internet email to

When you purchase AccuSQL/AccuTrack, you receive 10 free Priority Support Units for your use during the 90 days following the date of purchase. A support Unit is 30 minutes of AccuSQL/AccuTrack staff time; any part of a Support Unit used counts as a full unit. Each telephone call and each private email uses at least one Support Unit.

Priority Support Plans

To help you purchase AccuSQL/AccuTrack Priority Support most cost-effectively, we have put together several Priority Support Plans. See the AccuSQL/AccuTrack web site for descriptions of the Support Plans and pricing options. The address is:


AccuSQL/AccuTrack should run smoothly without errors or interruptions. If you encounter an error, then one of the following has occurred:

1. Programming or Logic errors: These are caused by an error in design or coding and are known as “bugs” in the computer world. Bugs can be as simple as a typo in a label to a critical error that causes the software to shutdown. If you discover a bug, report it to the AccuSQL/AccuTrack team as soon as possible via the online Support Forum:

We investigate all reported bugs and provide fixes via maintenance releases. These releases are provided for free. Due to the limitations of programming resources, we can only provide maintenance releases to the latest version of the software, so make sure you report bugs ASAP to guarantee a fix.

2. Data Corruption errors: If a feature of the software that used to work fine in the past no longer works, then most likely you have a data or index corruption problem. Symptoms of data and index corruption range from software not recognizing users who signed in to AccuSQL/AccuTrack in the past to total lock-ups. The most common causes of data corruption are improper system shutdowns and network or hardware crashes. AccuSQL/AccuTrack 8 will inform you about these improper shutdowns via the Improper Shutdown report. If you encounter a data corruption error you must repair your data files ASAP to avoid data loss. Use the built-in data repair utility, which you can launch via the Database screen, to fix data or index corruption.

3. User errors: In some cases, errors are caused by misuse or misunderstanding of the software operations. To minimize operator errors, make sure to read the AccuSQL/AccuTrack Quick Start Manual and this Reference Manual. Also, visit the AccuSQL/AccuTrack support forum to get familiar with common software issues and procedures. The AccuSQL/AccuTrack support forum is provided for free to all AccuSQL/AccuTrack users. Visit the support forum on this web page:


The following is a list of common issues and their solution.

Problem: AccuSQL/AccuTrack is not covering the whole screen. It appears in the center and I can see the rest of my desktop from the sides.

Answer: Your computer is set for a larger screen area (1024*768, 1280*1024, etc.) The larger the area the smaller AccuSQLAccuTrack will appear. However, it will always be in the center. To make AccuSQLAccuTrack cover the whole screen, change its area to 800*600.

Problem: The colors don’t look right. The font is not crisp, the images are pixilated, and the background has shades of gray on it like a photo negative.

Answer: Your computer is running at low colors (16 or 256 colors). Change the setting to high color (16 bit) or true color (32 bit).

Problem: I am trying to delete one of the data items in the list box but the software wouldn’t let me. Why?

Answer: AccuSQLAccuTrack will not let you delete data that it needs for reports. For example, if students used to sign-in to a certain class last semester, AccuSQLAccuTrack will need the class name for last semester reports, and won’t let you delete it. If you no longer wish the display the class name to the students, make the class “inactive”. See the appropriate section to see how to make a list item inactive.

Problem: The system is not accepting my administration password, even though it used to work a short while ago.

Answer: Passwords are case sensitive. Make sure you are entering the password in the correct capitalization.

Problem: I forgot my administration password / ID.

Answer: If someone else in the center has high administrative privileges, he or she can change your password. If you’re the only one with access to the system, you will need to contact Engineerica Systems, Inc.

Problem: The report is not showing a sign-in, even though I entered the record.

Answer: Check the reporting period and make sure your sign-in was within this period. Also, check the report filters to make sure the data you’re looking for was not excluded.

Problem: I signed in the system, but it does not show me as signed-in.

Answer: You probably did not complete your sign-in and pressed the “Cancel” button instead of “Done”. If you signed-in correctly, you will see a confirmation message with your name and sign-in time.

Problem: I changed an option in the Options screen but the changes were not reflected in the software?

Answer: You need to save your changes in the Options screen by clicking on the “Save” button after you make the changes. Also, most changes will not take effect until you restart the application.

Problem: When I started AccuSQL/AccuTrack I got an error message “Resource file not valid. Replace with a new one?” What does this mean and how do we respond?

Answer: AccuSQLAccuTrack uses the resource file to save settings such as the Window's position and state. For some reason, this file got corrupted and AccuSQLAccuTrack can't read it. Click on “Yes” to overwrite with a new one. If you prefer, you can edit the config.fpw file in the folder where AccuSQLAccuTrack is installed using notepad to bypass the resource file. This has no effect on the software. Add an entry on a new line in the file like this: RESOURCE=OFF Problem: While using the software we got an error message and the program exited. What do we do? Answer: You might have discovered a bug in the program. Write down the error message and what you were doing when the problem occurred and post the info on the AccuSQLAccuTrack Support Forum.

Problem: I have an idea for improving the software. How can I tell you about it?

Answer: We would like to hear about your suggestions and ideas for improving AccuSQLAccuTrack. Please submit them to us at Problem: How do I contact you? Answer: The best way to reach us is by e-mail. Since we spend most of our time in front of a computer screen, e-mail is convenient and quick. If you need support, post your questions on the AccuSQLAccuTrack on-line Support Forum. For other inquires e-mail For our latest contact info, visit the AccuSQL or AccuTrack website: