Purpose: This section allows you to store profile/demographic information that can be used to query Student Groups in reports on the Center/Local Lab visit history in the system. Access: When you click on Student Demographics from the System Administration screen, you will see the following options:

  1. Profile Setup: Used to set up the profile questions and their values to assign to your student records.
  2. Student Profile: Used to view and assign profile values to your students.
  3. Profile Query: Used to run searches based on your various profiles and then report on, or create student groups with those searches.

Video Learning Series: Using Student Demographics

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Purpose: Setup profile questions and answers to collect additional information for students.
Access: From System Administration > Student Demographics, click on Profile Setup.

When a new student signs-in, AccuSQL/AccuTrack will display the “New Student” screen used to collect contact information and demographic data. AccuSQL/AccuTrack gives you the flexibility to define up to 10 demographic questions on this screen. You can have students update their own profile values, you can assign them manually, and you can also import them.

Following is an explanation of the elements that comprise this screen:

Question Navigator

The Question Navigator box allows you to select the question you want to set up. The Student screen has the capacity to show up to 10 profile questions. These questions are arranged in two columns, and each column has five questions. To select one of the questions, simply click on its position in the “Question Navigator” box. For example, to select the seventh question in the second column, simply click on it. The selected question will appear highlighted in a solid color.

Question Preview box

The “Question Preview” box shows how the selected question will appear on the Student screen. Use this box to preview the looks and format of the selected question.

Question Box

This box allows you to edit the text of the selected question.

Status Box

The Status Box allows you to define the status of the selected question. There are three options in this box:

  • Show: Check this box if you want the question to be visible in the New Student screen. If you do not need this question, uncheck the Show box.
  • Frame: Check this box if you want a frame or a border to appear around the question and the answer box.
  • Answer Required: Check this box if you want force students to answer this question. When this box is checked, AccuSQL/AccuTrack will not allow the student to proceed with a sign in until an answer is selected from the drop-down box.

Font Box

The font box allows you to define the appearance of the question:

  • Opaque: Check this box if you want the question to have a colored background. Uncheck the box to use a transparent background.
  • Border: Check this question if you want to have a border around the question
  • Bold: Check this box to show the question in bold font.
  • Italic: Check this box to show the question in italic font.
  • Underline: Check this box to underline the question.
  • Size: Use the drop-down box to select the size of the font.
Use the Question Preview box to see how the question will appear when you make changes in the Font box.
If you want all questions in the New Student screen to have the same font and status as the current question, click on “Apply to all” button.
Questions that will not appear in the New Student screen because they are set not to show be invisible will have a transparent box.

Answers Box

The answers box shows the available answers for the selected question. You can use this box to add new answers or to edit or delete existing answers.

Modifying a Question

To change a question, simply select it in the Question Navigator then change the text in the “Question” box.

You can also change the status and appearance of the question. Click on “Save” to keep your changes.

You should only change the questions before students use the system. Changing the questions after students use the system will lead to inaccurate data.

For example, let’s say the first question is “College of“ (with the answers of “Business”, “Engineering”, “Art”, “Computer Science”, etc.) and a student is set to “Business” as the answer.

Then you change the question to read “Class” (with the answers of “Freshman”, “Sophomore”, “Grad Student”, etc.) Now the answer to this question for the student that had it set to “Business” needs this response updated to “Freshman”. This may not get updated if not corresponding with imported information and obviously is not the correct answer for this demographic on the student.

Entering the Answers to a Question

For each question you enter, you will need to define the answers that appear in the question’s drop-down list box. First select the question using the Question Navigator box, and then use the Answers box on the right side of the screen.

To add an answer, simply type it in the entry box and click on “Add”. To edit an answer, highlight the answer and click on “Edit”. The answer will be copied to the entry box. Make your changes and click on “Save” or “Cancel”. To delete an answer, highlight the answer then click on “Delete”.

You should only change the answers to questions before students use the system. Changing the answers afterwards can lead to inaccurate data.

For example, let’s say the first answer for the “Classification” question is “Grad Student” with other answers of “Freshman”, “Sophomore”, “Junior”, “Senior”, etc. Now you remove this “Grad Student” answer as an option. All the students that were marked this way will now display a blank or NULL result that were previously assigned this demographic.

The answers to the profile questions may change from semester to semester. For example, the student’s standing might change from “Freshman” to “Sophomore”. To have students review and update their profile answers, click on the “Update Profile” button in the Options screen.
If needed, you can correct the student’s answer to a profile question by editing the record in the Modify Students screen.
You can import the answers to the profile questions along with other students’ info by using the Student Information Import Wizard.

Using Profile Fields for Local Labs

New for version 2015 and beyond of AccuSQL and AccuTrack, you can now create profile fields specifically for Local Labs. The sign in stations that have the local lab assignment you are creating the profile questions for will display the lab specific profile questions after the default questions are displayed. This section will show you an example of that functionality.

First, you need to click the Lab drop-down box and select the lab you are creating the profile for. In this case, I have a MATH lab. Once you change the lab, you will be able to create 10 more profile questions specific to the lab. In the following screen, 3 profile questions (and answers) have been setup specifically for the Math Lab:

Now in Student Demographics > Setup, the Lab would be selected and then to enable the profile update, the user would need to click the Update Profile On button.

Make sure you have the proper Local Lab selected you are wanting to have the Students update their profiles for in the bottom-left Lab: drop-down box

And then the System > Lab ID should be set to the Math Lab.

Now when then student signs in, they will be presented with the 1-10 Profile Questions (depending on how many enabled in the Local Lab). In this case, they will be presented with the 3 profile questions specific to the Math Lab:

After the questions are answered and the student clicks Save, then he/she would go about the normal sign-in process.


Purpose: View and/or add profile values for students.
Access: From System Administration > Student Demographics, click on Student Profile.

Click on a Student Name to select the record, and then click Edit if you want to change any of the profile values for the student. Save when you are done. If you want to find a particular student in the list, you can click in the grid on either Student Name, or student ID and then begin typing either the last name or the student ID, depending on the column where you are typing.

If you would like to view or edit profile information for a specific lab, select the Lab from the drop-down box and the screen will show the profile fields specific to the selected lab. By default, the profile questions being displayed will be the ones for the current lab you are set to in System > Lab IDs > View/Modify Local Lab ID.

If you have lots of students you want to assign profile values for, you would be much better served to import that data into AccuSQL/AccuTrack. Data Imports are discussed later in this document.


Purpose: To query the profile information.
Access: From System Administration, click on Student Demographics > Profile Query.

This screen shows the profile questions as you entered them in the Profile Setup screen. Each answer has a button with the caption “Set” next to it. Click on this button to set up the query. A selection menu will pop up showing the available selection for that question:

Start by selecting your filter for this question. Here are the available filters:

  • One of the selected: Show students who selected one of the highlighted answers.
  • NOT one of selected: Show students who did not select one of the highlighted answers.
  • Empty: Show students who did not answer the question.
  • NOT Empty: Show students that did answer the question.
  • Whatever: Do not use this option for filtering data at all (show all regardless of how they answered the question).

If you use one of the first two options, use the mouse to select the answers you want from the answers list box on the right. To select more than one answer, hold the <Ctrl> key down and click on the answers. When done, click on the “OK” button. Do the same filtering on the other or combinations of questions as you like.

If you would like to query based on the profile fields for a specific lab, select it from the Lab drop-down box, and then use those values to build your query. By default, the profile query values being displayed will be the ones for the current lab you are set to in System > Lab IDs > View/Modify Local Lab ID.

Period Filter

The Profile Query screen has a reporting period selection box. If you use this box, the screen will only show the profile data of students who signed in during the selected period.

If you want to query all visitors, including those who did not visit your center, make sure to the box “Show all students including non-visitors”.

Output Options

When you are done with setting up the profile query filters, you can run the query and view the results in one of the following formats:


Click on the “View” button to see the results of your query on the screen:

The list box at the left side of the screen lists the students that passed the filter(s). You can select any of these students by clicking on the name. When you select a student, the activities the student used will show up in the “Activity” list box on the right side of the screen. The box lists each activity, the number of visits, and total time. Under the two list boxes, you will see the profile questions and the answers selected by the highlighted student.

If you click in the grid for Student or Activity, press the F6 key on the keyboard to immediately export that data to Excel.

Show Report

Click on the “Show Report” button to view students who meet your filter in a report. The report shows student’s name, sign-in ID, activity used, and number of visits and total time spent on that activity. The bottom of the report shows a count of the total visits and total time spent by all students that pass the filter.

Export Data

Click on the “Export Data” button to send the data that meets your filter to an Excel file. You will see a browse window. Use this to select the location where you want to save the exported file and its name. Click on “Open” to proceed. AccuSQL/AccuTrack will save the file and will then ask you whether you want to see the file: If you click on “Yes”, AccuSQL/AccuTrack will launch MS Excel and will load the file. The exported file will have the following fields: Student’s name, sign-in ID, profile answers (P1 column is first Profile Question answer, and so on), activity (with the category between two square brackets []), the number of visits of that student to this activity, and the total time (in seconds).

Create a Student Group

Click on Create a Student Group to add the student returned from your query into group. Student Groups can be used in several places in AccuSQL/AccuTrack, including report filters. In the Specify a group name box, enter the name for the student group and then click OK. You will receive a message indicating the group is created. The group will consist of the students that were returned by your profile query and is viewable in the Users > Student Groups screen: