When you click on Seminars from the Main Menu, you will see the following options:

  • Seminars: Use to create special events in your center. Students can then register for those events, indicating they plan to attend them.
  • Seminars Status: Allows you to see who is currently registered for and events and the total seats remaining. You can also manually register the student for events on this screen.


Purpose: To add a new seminar or modify the information about current seminars.
How to Access: From System Administration, click on Seminars > Seminars.

You can change the term “seminar” to “workshop” via the terminology setup screen.

Adding a Seminar

To add a new seminar, simply click on the “Add” button, and then fill in the seminar's data:

  • Title: Use to enter the title of this seminar.
  • Registration closes: Enter the date the registration for the seminar closes.
  • Start: Enter the date and time the seminar starts. This should be after the registration closes.
  • End: Enter the date and time the seminar ends. This should be after the registration closes and also after the Start time.
  • Closed: Check this box when registration for this seminar closes.
  • Capacity: Enter the number of attendees the seminar is open for.
  • Location: Enter the location where the seminar will take place.
  • Presenter: Enter the name of the presenter of this seminar.
  • Description: Use this box to enter a description of the seminar.
  • Anyone can register: Select this value if you want the seminar to be available for all students.
  • Only students from selected groups can register: Select this value if you only want students that are members of one or more student groups to be able to register for the seminar.

After filling those text boxes, click on the “Save” button to save the new seminar.

Editing a Seminar

To edit a seminar, first, highlight the title of the seminar on the list. To edit the record, click on the “Edit” button. The seminar's info will be copied to the text boxes. To make your changes save click on the “Save” button to keep the changes, or click on the “Cancel” button to keep the data as is.

You can also double click on a seminar‘s title name to edit its data.

Closing a Seminar

AccuSQL/AccuTrack will close registration to the seminar when any of these events occur: 1. When the number of registered students reaches the seminar’s capacity. 2. When the date and time specified in the “Registration Closes:” box arrives. 3. When the seminar’s start date passes. 4. When admin checks the “Closed” box.

Deleting a Seminar

To delete a seminar, first, highlight the name, and then click on “Delete”. You will see a confirmation message. Answer “Yes” to delete the seminar.

View Attendance

After you have collected attendance for a particular seminar, you can quickly see who signed into it by selecting it from the list and then clicking the View Attendance button.

You can right-click in the grid and select Export or press the F6 key to open this data directly in Excel. If you then run a Seminar Registration report, you can easily compare the people that signed up for the seminar with the people that actually show up for it.
You will only be able to view attendance for seminars that have already occurred. For seminars that have not yet taken place, the View Attendance button will be grayed out until that seminar has begun.


Purpose: To track the status of seminars and edit registration.
How to Access: From System Administration, click on Seminars > Seminars Status.

Use the “Please select the seminar” area to select the seminar in the grid you want to access. You will only see seminars that have not taken place yet in this grid and not seminars that have already occurred.

The Selection List Boxes control above shows students who are either unregistered or registered for the selected seminar. To edit the registration info, use the Selection List Boxes control to move people between the Unregistered list box on the left and the Registered list box on the right. Click the Register button to save your changes.

The bottom portion of the screen shows the seminar's availability information: number of registered students, the seminar’s capacity, and the number of available seats. You can also either close or cancel the seminar by checking either of those boxes. Of course, be careful with these options if students have already registered for the seminar.

If you would like to get a quick report for the seminar registrations, click the “Print” button.

Closing a seminar

You can close the registration to any seminar just by clicking the “Closed” checkbox. When you close a seminar, AccuSQL/AccuTrack will not allow you, the user or any other student to register for the selected seminar.

Canceling a seminar

Sometimes, a seminar needs to be canceled for some reason, e.g., the presenter is not going to be there, or the quantity of registered students is not what was required. You can cancel any seminar just by clicking the “Cancelled” checkbox.

Seminars do not have any Setup Options since all setup is handled through Seminars > Seminar Status button.