Congratulations! You have acquired a very powerful software solution for your center. We are sure you and your visitors will enjoy and benefit greatly from the many features of AccuSQL/AccuTrack. From the beginning, this software was built on the feedback of administrators and staff members in academic centers such as yours. AccuSQL/AccuTrack has grown over the years from a basic attendance program to truly comprehensive learning center software. Here are just a few of its capabilities:

  • Tracking and reporting on students' attendance.
  • Reporting on the usage and utilization of your services.
  • Providing a student intake system (waiting list)
  • Managing appointments, including matching students and staff, scheduling, email notification and reminders, room reservations, and no-show tracking.
  • Enabling staff to submit their own appointment schedules for review and approval by system administrators.
  • Tracking walk-in sessions.
  • Keeping a session log and session questionnaire
  • Tracking loaned material.
  • Analyzing traffic and peak usage times via Excel charts and tables.
  • Rating staff.
  • Tracking staff work-hours and calculating pay.
  • Collecting feedback via periodic visitors surveys.
  • Reporting on visitors’ demographics / profile information with custom queries.
  • Program Assessments.
  • Tracking student athletes and their required hours.
  • Managing registration and attendance tracking for seminars or workshops.
  • Automatic report delivery scheduling for instructors.
  • Sophisticated capabilities for controlling how each of your centers’ are configured and behave using Local Lab Assignments, all in one database!
  • Aiding in student retention through the use of Student Success Plans.
  • Providing a Messaging Center with multiple delivery methods.
  • Portable attendance tracking with Apple devices using iAccu.
  • Powerful custom query generator.
  • And much more!

All in one convenient package! With your help and support, we will continue to improve and expand AccuSQL/AccuTrack. Please submit your suggestions via the online suggestion box:

Finally, we would like to thank you for ordering AccuSQL/AccuTrack. We hope you will enjoy using the software as much as we enjoy developing it. Sincerely,

Mon Nasser, Product Manager


AccuSQL and AccuTrack usage is almost identical. The difference between the two programs is related to the database they use. AccuSQL uses a Microsoft SQL Server database while AccuTrack uses a Microsoft VFP 9 database. While this manual uses AccuSQL for most of the screen shots in the program, the functionality of those screens is almost identical to AccuTrack. Sections in this manual that are specific to AccuTrack will be indicated with a “For AccuTrack only” tag. The “For AccuTrack only” sections are related exclusively to database operations.


This manual contains detailed descriptions of the AccuSQL/AccuTrack screens and functions. Before using this manual we recommend that you go through the accompanying AccuSQL/AccuTrack Quick Start Manual. The Quick Start manual shows the “big picture” and how the various AccuSQL/AccuTrack parts fit together. It also provides a quicker introduction to AccuSQL/AccuTrack.

After reading the Quick Start Manual read this manual for a detailed look at the software. This manual has the same structure as the AccuSQL/AccuTrack screens. You can use this manual as a reference for detailed information on a certain screen by going to the pages describing it.

AccuSQL/AccuTrack can be customized via its options screen to match your center’s needs. One of the many items you can customize is Terminology. For example, a Tutoring Center can use the term “Tutor”, while an Advising Center can use the term “Advisor” for the name of the people meeting with students. Other terms you can change include:

  • Category - A grouping of Activities commonly used like Services offered.
  • Activity - These are typically the courses uploaded from your SIS or the break-down of special services offered in the Category chosen.
  • Semester - These are the reporting periods or Terms that may go by other names.
  • Seminar - These are the one-time Events or Workshops you may offer to Students to sign-up for at the Center.

There are even more options that can be configured as you'll see in this manual. Further, as of version 2016, you can even control terminology at the “Local Lab” (or Center) level. Keep this in mind while you read the manuals. For example, if you are using the software in an Advising Center and have replaced the terminology to “Advisor” then whenever you see the word “Tutor” in this manual that is what they are referring to in the set up of AccuSQL/AccuTrack.

Also, keep in mind that the background image of the software and also the button colors and title bars can be customized, so these elements might look different for you than the one shown in this manual. For this manual, the background of AccuSQL/AccuTrack has been set to the default  Gray background  with the button and title bar colors set by default to  Green  for AccuSQL or  Orange  for AccuTrack.

Finally, if you find errors in this manual or if you have ideas on improving it, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you!