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-====== Accudemia 7.0 Documentation ====== 
-===== New to Accudemia? ===== 
-Have questions about ordering, licenses, or qualifications then check out the official Accudemia site at http://​​accudemia. 
-===== Reference Manuals ===== 
-  * [[accudemia7:​admin-manual|Administrator Full Manual]] 
-  * [[accudemia7:​admin-quickstart|Administrator Quick Start Guide]] 
-  * [[accudemia7:​tutor-quickstart|Tutor Quick Start Guide]] 
-  * [[accudemia7:​instructor-quickstart|Instructor ​ Quick Start Guide]] 
-  * [[accudemia7:​student-quickstart|Student ​ Quick Start Guide]] 
-===== Learning Aides ===== 
-  * [[http://​|Accudemia Blog]]: Read the latest Accudemia news and usage tips. 
-  * [[https://​​portal/​engineerica/​kb/​engineerica/​accudemia-faq|Accudemia Knowledge Base / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)]]:\\ This new KB allows you to ask questions to find the answer to common problems and find examples of how to solve real world problems. 
-  * [[accudemia:​jeopardy|Play Accudemia Jeopardy!]] 
-===== Webinars ===== 
-Click the link below to see the webinars we have recorded previously on many topics from Appointments,​ Reports, and more!  Now we have updated this list to include topic selections so you can jump right to the part you want to watch. 
-//​[[:​accudemia7:​accudemia-webinars|View the Accudemia Webinar Learning Series]]// 
-===== Featured Video ===== 
-<iframe width="​600"​ height="​350"​ src="​http://​​embed/​1C1IGvlJk4M"​ frameborder="​0"​ allowfullscreen></​iframe>​ 
-**[[:​accudemia7:​accudemia-webinars|Accudemia Webinars]]** 
-//''​[[http://​​embed/​1C1IGvlJk4M|"​Power User Features!"​]]''​\\ 
-This is a webinar focused on learning helpful tools that a Accudemia Power User can use to get the most out of the Accudemia software for their institution.//​ 
-//​[[:​accudemia7:​accudemia-webinars#​webinar-sign-up|Sign-up for our next Accudemia Webinar!]]//​ 
-===== Development API ===== 
-Developers, please check our [[https://​​diegojancic/​accudemiaext/​wiki|Developer Site on Google Code]]. ​ There are helpful documents on the development of your own plug-ins, Single Sign-On (SSO) for Accudemia, Custom Login Page code, and more! 
-If you have developed an extension/​plug-in for either Accudemia or ADX (the Accudemia import utility), we will be glad to see it! 
-You can contribute back to the community by sending all your plug-ins to [[​Subject=Accudemia Extension/​Plug-in Submission"​|{{:​support_email.jpg?​nolink}}]],​ we will review it and post your code so others can take advantage of it in our wiki! 
-===== Self-Hosting ===== 
-If you plan to host Accudemia by your own, please review: 
-[[accudemia:​hostingreq|Self-Hosting Server Requirements]] 
-====== iAccu Mobile App Documentation ====== 
-[[http://​​us/​app/​iaccu/​id414711091|{{::​icon175x175_1_.jpeg?​nolink&​70 }}]] 
-[[http://​​us/​app/​iaccu/​id414711091|{{ ::​iphone4_1_.png?​nolink&​200}}]] 
-If you need to know what iAccu does then make sure to visit our website: 
-If you are new to iAccu, check out our Quick Start to iAccu. ​ 
-  * [[iaccu:​quickstart|iAccu Quick Start]] 
-To see the complete sign in process with syncing to %%AccuTrack%%/​%%AccuSQL%%:​ 
-  * [[iaccu:​sample|Sample Sign in and Sync]]. 
-Learn about common iAccu troubleshooting techniques: 
-  * {{:​iaccu:​iaccu_troubleshooting_guide.pdf|iAccu Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)}}. 
-Need more help? Check out this full manual: 
-  * [[iaccu:​fullmanual|iAccu Full Manual]] 
-====== Additional Support Options ====== 
-After reviewing the documentation you can request support by [[https://​​portal/​engineerica/​newticket|submitting a ticket]].