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 +<​title>​NLA University Homepage</​title>​ 
 +<body style="​color:​ rgb(0, 0, 153); background-color:​ rgb(255, 255, 255);" alink="#​9999ff"​ link="#​99ffff"​ vlink="#​990099">​ 
 +<table style="​text-align:​ left; width: 649px" border="​0"​ cellpadding="​0"​ cellspacing="​0">​ 
 +    <tr style="​border:​ 1px solid black;">​ 
 +      <td style="​width:​ 399; border: 1px solid black;">&​nbsp;<​img height="​100"​ alt="​NLA logo" src="​http://​​UserFiles/​5021a0e1-fda0-4e2a-a23b-a0c30137cc71/​Image/​NLANewLogo.jpg"/>​ 
 +<​h3>&​nbsp;​National League of Agents University</​h3></​td>​ 
 +      <td style="​width:​ 250; border: 1px solid black; text-align: center"​ bgcolor="#​388E8E">​ 
 +      <​h1>​Library Tutoring Center</​h1></​td>​ 
 +    </​tr>​ 
 +    <​tr>​ 
 +      <td style="​border:​ 1px solid black; width: 70%; vertical-align:​ top;" rowspan="​0">​ 
 +      <​br>​ 
 +      <​h4>​Campus Events</​h4>​ 
 +      <img src="​http://​​7121/​7732886962_8afbd23a5d.jpg"​ width="​400"/>​ 
 +      <​h5>​Fraternity House Phi Cappa Sigma starts Anew</​h5>​ 
 +      <​p>​This is the story about a campus house that was on its way the bulldozer! ​ It all started as a one of the institutions first houses on the campus but was siezed during WW2 to help in war efforts this building became used as a warehouse of bombs through 1942-1952. ​ After the war and munitions were removed it sat abandoned until the 1970'​s. 
 +      </​p>​ 
 +      <​p><​a href="">​Click here to read more...</​a>​ 
 +      </​p>​ 
 +      </​td>​ 
 +      <td style="​border:​ 1px solid black; width: 30%;​vertical-align:​ top;" rowspan="​0"​ bgcolor="#​F1F1F1"><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;">​ 
 +    <​br><​h3>​Greetings Students!</​h3><​p>​Please login below to schedule appointments,​ complete surveys, check attendance, and more!</​p></​span>​ 
 +    <​br>​ 
 +    <​h3>&​nbsp;​Accudemia Login:</​h3>​ 
 +    <iframe src="​https://​​LoginForm.aspx?​bgColor=%23FFFFFF&​amp;​Layout=vertical&​amp;​Referer=http://​​docs/​doku.php/​accudemia/​NLA%20University%20Homepage.html"​ 
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 + ​width="​250"​ height="​350"></​iframe></​td>​ 
 +    </​tr>​