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This documentation refers to an old version of Accudemia 6.2 and has been replaced by Accudemia 7.0:
Accudemia 7.0 - Tutors Schedule

Center Attendance

The purpose of Center Attendance in Accudemia is to track the visits to your center which could include the courses, instructors, services, and tutors they are getting assistance in your Center. We allow you to set up and customize the Centers as you need for the Center to track attendance in each area.

Tutor Schedules

Allows the Tutors to define their normal weekly calendar and also special exceptions to their Schedule. In Term Mode you use the weekly calendar to define a normal working week. In the Exceptions Only mode defines exceptions for special events or if a special occurrence that they'll be available outside of the norm, these exceptions can be to indicate times such as the personal time needed when they won’t available or vacation days outside of their normal schedule.

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